The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Egg Plant Baked.—Peel and parboil them, then squeeze them between two plates to dry them ; then season with a little onion, butter, pepper and salt. Put the mixture in a baking-dish, grate over some bread crumbs and bake a nice brown.
Stuffed Egg Plant.—Cutoff the stem-end of the plant and scoop out the inside with the handle of a spoon. Parboil the shell for 5 minutes in water a little salted ; take it out, and at once plunge it into cold water; then stew the flesh of the plant with pepper, salt and a little finely chopped onion, until done. Add to the stew, with butter to season it, 1 or more well-beaten eggs, (1 heaped tea-spoonful, and 1 egg will be sufficient for 1 plant); mix well and stew until dry; put in 1-2 as .much bread crumbs as egg plant; fill the plant shell with this; a little minced veal, ham, tongue or poultry maybe added to the forcemeat by way of improvement; then tie on the piece which was cut off; put the stuffed eggs to bake in a dish, the bottom covered with slices of sweet bacon, and bake 1 hour. Serve on a flat dish. Remove the string and top-piece. The egg plant is often cut in two lengthwise, the contents removed and stewed as above, the 1-2 rind parboiled in salt and water until tender, then filled with a rich stuffing, a coating of egg poured over the open side, and bread crumbs sprinkled over; put in a dish with slices of cold ham and bake until tender; either way is good.
Egg Plants Stuffed.—The pulp taken carefully out, then fill with savory meats. Tie a string around it and boil in salt and water. You may stuff them with any forcemeat you like.
Egg Plant Fried.—Boil the eggplant, and when cold slice, flour, and fry in butter or lard.
Bananas are fried in the same way, but they are not previously cooked.
Boiled Mushrooms.—Mushroom flaps, pepper and salt to taste, butter and lemon juice. Clean the mushrooms by wiping them with a piece of flannel and a little salt; cut off a portion of the stalk and peel the tops; boil them over a clear fire, turning them once, and arrange them in a very hot dish. Put a small piece of butter on each mushroom ; season with pepper and salt and squeeze over them a few drops of lemon juice. Place the dish before the fire, and when the butter is melted, serve very hot and quickly. Moderate-sized flaps are better suited to this mode of cooking than the buttons; the latter are better in stews. Ten minutes to cook medium-sized mush­rooms.
Baked Mushrooms.—16 or 20 mushroom flaps, butter, and pep­per to taste. For this mode of cooking, the mushroom flaps are bet­ter than buttons, and should not be too large. Cut off a portion of the stalks, peel the top and wipe the mushrooms carefully with a