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162                                      VEGETABLES.
It should be placed in tufts around the border of the dish, with one or two bunches on the meat. The horse-radish is highly stimulat­ing and exciting to the stomach, and is recommended in chronic rheumatism, palsy, dropsical complaints, diseases of the kidneys (made into tea with cold water), and in cases of enfeebled digestion. It is used principally as a condiment to promote appetite and excite the digestive organs, and is highly anti-scorbutic.
Boiled Cabbage.—Choose the dark green, crumpled cabbage, . known as the Savoy. Take off the coarse outer leaves ; cut each' cabbage in 4; remove a portion of the stalk; wash them in warm salt and water, then throw them into cold salt and water for 1 hour. For 4 large cabbages or S small ones, have ready a vessel with 1 1-2 gallons of part boiling water, in which a teaspoonful of common baking soda has been dissolved. Press the cabbage down in the water; let it boil slowly for about one hour. When quite tender take it up and lay it in a colander to drain. Press every drop of water out of the cabbage, chop it finely with a knife, sprinkle it with pepper each time you turn it; add to it 1 oz. butter, 1 tablespoonful lemon juice ; put it into a clean sauce-pan and stir it over the fire while it is quite hot again; then put it into a vegetable dish, and press it gently until it is smooth; score it a little on the top with a knife and serve at once.
Mephistophelian Tomatoes.—Just to think of it! One pint of tomatoes peeled, 1 hard-boiled egg, the yolk only, 2 large spoon­fuls of melted butter, 1 1-2 spoonfuls of vinegar, 1 raw egg whip­ped very light; rub in the butter and seasoning, beat till perfectly smooth, 1 teaspoonful each of sugar, salt and pepper; pound the boiled yolk, rub that in and beat again, stir in the vinegar boil­ing hot, then raw egg beaten, keep it hot (the vessel set in boil­ing water), while you prepare your tomatoes, cut in thin slices and broil over a clear fire, lay on a chafing dish and pour the hot sauce over them and serve.
Baked Tomatoes.—Eight or ten tomatoes, pepper and salt, 2 spoonfuls of butter, bread crumbs. Take off the stems from the tomatoes, cut them into thick slices and put them in a deep bak­ing dish, add a plentiful seasoning of pepper salt and butter in the above proportion, cover the whole with bread crumbs, drop over a little clarified butter, bake in a moderate oven from 20 min­utes to 1-2 hour, and serve very hot. This vegetable, dressed as above, is an exceedingly nice accompaniment to all kinds of roast meat. The tomatoes, instead of being cut in slices, may be baked whole, but they will take rather longer time to cook; 20 minutes to 1-2 hour.
Stewed Tomatoes.—One teacupful of bread crumbs, 1 table-