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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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VEGETABLES.                                     167
simmer in the closed stew-pan on the stove comer until tender; drain and put them back in the stew-pan with 1 oz. butter, 1 table-spoonful of chopped parsley, 2 pinches of salt, 1 small pinch of pepper, 1-2 gill of the liquor of the beans; toss the beans until the butter is melted, and serve. Haricot or French beans are also served as a salad. Let them get cold, put them in a salad bowl, season with oil or butter, vinegar, pepper and salt and a tablespoonful of celery chopped fine.
Boiled Cauliflower.—To each 1-2 gallon of water allow one heaped tablespoonful of salt. Choose cauliflowers that are close and white, trim off the decayed outside leaves and cut the stalk flat at the bottom, open the flower a little in places to remove the insects, which generally are found about the stalk, and let the cauliflowers lie in salt and water for an hour previous to dressing them, with their heads downward; this will effectually draw out all the vermin; then put them in fast-boiling water, with the addition of salt in the above proportion, and let them boil briskly on a good fire, keeping the sauce-pan uncovered. The water should be well skimmed, and when the cauliflowers are tender take them up with a slice or perforated ladle, and let them drain, and, if large enough, place them upright in the dish. Serve with plain, melted butter, a little of which may be poured over the flower. Small caul­iflower, 12 to 15 minutes; large one, 20 to 25 minutes after the water boils.
Cauliflowers with Cheese—2 or 3 cauliflowers, rather more than 1-2 pint of broth or white sauce, 2 tablespoonfuls of grated cheese, 1 spoonful of fresh butter, and 2 tablespoonfuls bread crumbs — clean and boil the cauliflowers (as in recipe for boiled artichokes), drain and dish them with the flowers standing upright; have ready the above proportion of white sauce ; pour sufficient of it over the cauliflower to just cover the top; sprinkle over this some rasped cheese and bread crumbs, and drop on these the butter, which should be melted, but not oiled. Brown with a salamander or before the fire, and pour not ovei, but around the flowers the remainder of the sauce, with which should be mixed a small quantity of grated cheese. Cook 1-2 hour. Cauliflower is cooked in every way, like cabbage.
To Boil Cauliflower—(Mrs. Sicklan).—If the flower is small and tender, put it in boiling water and boil 20 minutes or a shorter time. If the head is large, old and tough, boil for 30 minutes or a little longer, putting it at first in a kettle of boiling water. Serve hot, with butter or Tillie's sauce for cauliflowers. The water should be salted. Some boil it in a bag to prevent it breaking off the small sprigs.
Boiled Onions.—In clear water and salt until tender, then take