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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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To Boil Lettuce.—Wash clean, boil it in soft salt and water, then put it into cold water to cool. Chop it in the same manner as spin­ach, and finish as spinach with this exception : you bind it with the yolks of a few eggs stirred into some cream. Endives can be pre­pared in the same way.
Cabbage Lettuce with Gravy.—Take 8 sound and full cabbage lettuce, trim off all the outside leaves, wash and blanch for 10 min­utes, cool them well, squeeze the water out, cut them in two, lay them open on a dish, and season them with 3 pinches of salt, tie the halves together and put in a 2-quart stew pan, cover them with broth and add 2 gills of fat pot stock, parsley, thyme and mint and 1 on­ion with 2 cloves stuck in it; place a round of paper on the top and simmer for 2 hours When cooked drain on a cloth, untie and open the lettuce again, cut the stalks out and fold the leaves round, giv­ing to each piece an oval shape about 3 inches by 2, and dish them up in a circle; reduce to 1 1-2 pint of household gravy to 1-2 the quantity, and pour over the lettuce and serve. Thin slices of crumbed bread cut to the shape of lettuces and fried in butter can be put between each slice.
Boiled Vkgetable Marrow.—To each 1-2 gallon of water allow 1 tablespoonful of salt; vegetable marrow. Have ready a sauce pan of boiling water salted in the above proportions, put in the marrows after peeling them, and boil them until tender, take them up with a slice and halve, and should they be very large quarter them ; dish them on toast and send to table with them a tureen of melted butter, or in the place of this a small ball of salt but­ter. Vegetable marrows are very delicious mashed ; they should be boiled, then drained and mashed smoothly with a wooden spoon. Heat them in a sauce pan, add a seasoning of salt and pepper and a small piece of butter, and dish with a few sippets of toasted bread placed around as a garnish. Young vegetable marrows 10 to 20 minutes; old ones 1-2 to 3-4 hour for cooking.
Vegetable Marrows in White Sauce.—Four or 5 moderate-sized marrows, 1-4 pint of white sauce. Pare the marrows, cut them into halves and shape each half at the top in a point, leaving the bottom end flat for it to stand upright in the dish. Boil the marrows in salt and water until tender, take them away very carefully and ar­range them on a hot dish; have ready 1-2 pint of white sauce, pour this over the marrows and serve. This vegetable cooks from 15 to 20" minutes, and belongs to the cucumber or melon tribe.
PumPKIIN.—Open the pumpkin, take out the seeds, slice and peel the rind off, or peel before slicing; do not scrape the inside, cut it in small pieces, put them to stew in a covered vessel with very little water. To prevent their burning stir them often from the bottom.