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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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VEGETABLES.                                        179
tiful green. Drain it well, dish and place on the top of it pepper, butter and poached eggs. It can be boiled with bacon.
Spinach.—Boil in the above manner and fry toast in three-cor­nered pieces. Stick over it and lay poached eggs thereon.
Stewed Okra.—Wash according to the directions given, cut them in round slices and put them in a stew pan with a tablespoonful of butter into which has been rubbed a teaspoonful of fine flour; to each quart of okra add 1-2 cup of water; salt and pepper to taste. Cover the stew pan and shake it now and then, and stew till tender. Serve hot in a covered dish. A few tomatoes and a little onion to okra make a great improvement. It is an excellent sauce for boiled rice.
Baked Sweet or Irish Potatoes whole.—Put some sticks across the bottom of your oven or baking pan, wash your pota­toes thoroughly and lay them on the sticks, pour in 1-2 cup of water or more, then bake until done.                                t
Baked Irish Potatoes.—Take your potatoes, after they are boiled, and mash them while hot, then put sweet cream or new milk, pepper and salt, and some butter with them, and an egg ; knead the mixture thoroughly, and then put it in a pan with a piece of butter on the top and bake. It is a nice dish. Sweet potatoes can be treated in the same way.
Fried Sweet Potatoes.—Boil them till 1-2 done, take them up and let them cool, then slice and flour the pieces both sides and drop them in a pan of hot sweet bacon fat and fry till of a light brown, when dish and serve hot.
Fried Potatoes with Butter.—While in the colander, and just having been fried, add to a portion of potatoes about 1 spoon­ful of butter; toast till melted and serve plain as round steak.
Fried Potatoes with Cayennr Pepper.—When just done throw 1-2 teaspoonful of cayenne over them; toast and serve them.
Fried Chipped or Ribboned Potatoes.—Cut some potatoes crosswise about the thickness of an inch, then peel them thinly in ribbons and fry as above. They will require a little longer doing. When they are crisp take them out, place them on a clean cloth, and sprinkle them over with salt, cayenne and black pepper to taste, and serve.
To Fry Sweet Potatoes.—Wash and slice them very thick, put into a frying pan, put butter and sugar between each layer, then pour or cover with water and set on the fire to fry, turning them the usual way.
Note—Put butter in the pan and let it get hot before adding the potatoes, with the pan off the fire.
To Boil Potatoes.—Boil 10 or any number of potatoes, to each