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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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put in some lemon peel, a couple of lumps of sugar and a little salt. When the milk boils take it off the fire and add the pota­toes, so as to form a paste, or rather a tolerably thick mush. When cool make it into balls, cover these with crumbs of bread and yolk of egg; fry to a nice brown color and serve up with sugar thrown over them.
To Cook Swket Potatoes of Irish Potatoes.—Steam them well and mash till no lumps are left and sweeten with common brown sugar; then bake or fry, or make into a pudding.
To Fry Swket Potatoes.—Pare, slice them, fry them in hot lard like fritters and sprinkle them with fine salt as they are taken from the lard
To Bake Sweet Potatoes.—Wash them clean and wipe them with a clean cloth, then cut off the ends, put them in an oven or stove pan, bake slowly, put a cupful of hot water over every peck of potatoes before cooking them, put some cabbage leaves over the potatoes before putting on the lid, if baked in an oven. This will prevent their burning, then put fire on the lid ; when done serve with their peels on, or if peeled and sliced put a layer on the bottom of the dish, then spme bits of butter, a little sugar, a little grated nutmeg or cinnamon, then another layer of pota­toes, and seasoning until the dish is filled. Set it in the oven or stove until hot and serve. This is excellent for a tea dish.
To Roast Sweet Potatoes.—Open the ashes on a hot hearth, sweep it and put in the potatoes, then put on some cold, then hot ashes, let them remain till done. It is best to turn them over and re­cover them for a moment in order to cook them thoroughly, and Irish potatoes should be done in the same way.
To Stew Sweet Potatoes.—Slice them or cut in rings 1-2 inch thick, then put in pieces of tender liver or pork chops. When done take them all up together, season the gravy with milk or cream, a little finely minced parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Potatoes are liked peeled and roasted under meat. They should be cut under medium size for this purpose.^
Potatoes a la Maitre de Hotel — Potatoes, salt and water; to every 6 potatoes allow 1 tablespoonful of minced parsley, 2 ounces of butter, pepper and salt to taste ; 4 tablespoonfuls of gravy, 2 tablespoonfuls of lemon juice. Wash the potatoes clean and boil them in salt and water with their skins on, allowing 1 tablespoonful of salt to every gallon of water; when they are done drain them, let them cool, then peel [and cut the potatoes into thin slices; if these are too thin they would break in the sauce. Put the butter into a stew pan with the pepper, salt, gravy and parsley, mix these ingredients well together, put in the potatoes, shake them 2 or