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184                                        SALADS.
Lemon Sauce.—Cut thin slices of lemon into very small dice and put them in melted butter; give it one boil, and pour it over boiled fowls.
California Salad Dressing.—To every 2 hard-boiled eggs take the yolk of 1 raw, 2 tablespoonfuls of oil, 1 of cider vinegar, salt spoonful of salt, a little cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoonful of white ground mustard, white hard lettuce or cabbage, a little sugar, 2 or 3 tablespoonfuls of cream ; mash the eggs and rub with the raw yolk, then add oil and beat up till it is like smooth cream ; beat while each ingredient is carefully added 1 at a time.
Salad, Red Herring (Polish.)—Take potatoes boiled and peeled, pickled cucumbers, peeled apples, roast veal and salt herrings that have been soaked in water, from which the skin and bones have been taken, some French mustard, a little sugar, ground white pep­per, plenty of sweet oil and best white vinegar. Cut into thin slices (or dice or cube shaped), mix the whole together. If sour enough and too dry thin with a little water, boiled, or wine, and a more deli­cious salad can not be prepared, if the required amount of oil with the yolk of an egg is made into a sauce mayonaise. It is not easy to give the exact quantity of each ingredient, but the mixture will be very near right by taking the proportion of 10 herrings to 30 pota­toes, and of each of the other ingredients a quantity equal to that of the herrings, and on each a quantity of salad it would take nearly a pint of sweet oil. Finely sliced onions and beets may be added, so also the potatoes may be left out and substituted by roast veal. Fill in dishes and dress with thin slices of smoked salmon, parsley, beets, pickles, &c.
Salmon Salad.—Cut some salmon into scallops 1 1-2 inch in di­ameter and 1-2 inch thick, put them in a buttered frying pan, season with salt and pepper and fry them; when done drain the scallops and put them in a dish to cool; then season them slightly with salt, pepper, oil and vinegar; pour a 1-4 inch layer of white aspic jelly in a plain bordered mould with some olives, cabbage lettuces cut in quarters, and hard boiled eggs, arranging the whole tastefully; fill up the mould with aspic jelly, and when the latter is set turn the border out on to a dish. Dish the salmon over some partly melted aspic jelly seasoned with salt, pepper, vinegar and chopped parsley or cel­ery, and when this first row is set fill up the center with some of the unshapely pieces, and dish another and reversed circle of salmon scollops on the fish ; pour over some more seasoned jelly, and con­tinue reversing and diminishing the circles until they come to a point; pour over some more jelly; put 1 hard-boiled egg with a cabbage lettuce heart stuck in it on the top and serve.