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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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SAUCES.                                           187
Apple Sauce for Boiled Goose.—Pare, core and slice three large, sound apples, put them into an earthenware jar with two ta-blespoonfuls of water, cover the jar and put it into a slow oven for 3-4 of an hour, then add 1-2 teaspoonful sugar and 1-2 oz. butter; beat with a fork to a light pulp. Serve in a tureen.
Tomato Catsup—(Aunt H.'s recipe).—Take a peck of ripe to­matoes; cut them up tolerably fine, put them in a preserving kettle and boil them very soft; then mash them well and strain through a sieve. Season with salt and cayenne pepper, black pepper, pounded cloves and mustard seed to suit the taste. Let it boil until 1-2 has boiled away. When cold, add a teacupful of cider vinegar to each bottle before sealing it up, as you would canned fruit.
A Very Choice Catsup.—Take 1-2 lb. of anchovies or very small fish, wash them in 1-2 pint of the purest cider or wine vinegar; mash them, bones and all, put them into a 1-2 pint of of the best vinegar and 8 tablespoonfuls of claret, and let it boil for 15 minutes. Then strain the vinegar to it and put in 1-2 a pint more of pure vinegar or white wine ; 5 or 6 cloves of shal­lots, 1 tablespoonful of powdered white ginger, 1-2 a one of com­mon pepper, 1-2 one of California pepper—all crushed—1 nut­meg bruised, a piece of lemon peel, and a few blades of mace; put the whole into a stew-pan and let it boil 1-2 an hour, then pour it off. When perfectly cold bottle it. The bottles should be entirely dry. Cork well and tie them down closely.
Mushroom Sauce.—Wash and pick a large breakfast cupful of small button mushrooms; take off the leathery skin ; stew them in veal gravy with pepper, cayenne, mace, nutmeg, salt and a piece of butter roiled in a good deal of flour or arrowroot to thicken, as the abounding gravy of the mushrooms makes them take a good deal of thickening. Stew until tender, stirring them now and then, and pour the sauce over the fowls. Those who like a high relish of mushrooms may have a spoonful of gravy drawn by salting a few for a night, or a little mushroom powder.
Orange Sauce for Game.—Peel 1-2 an orange, removing the pith, cut it into slices, then into pellets, put them on in a gill of wa­ter and boil for two minutes, drain them on a sieve, throwing away the water, place in a stew-pan two spoonfuls of broth, when boiling add the orange, and a little sugar. Simmer ten minutes, skim and serve; the juice of 1-2 orange, is a great improvement. Also a little cinnamon may be added.