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194                                        YEAST.
minutes to boil the hops and water, the yeast to work 4 or 5 hoots; 1-2 pint sufficient for 18 pounds of flour.
Kirkkestham Yeast.—Two ounces of hops, 4 quarts of water, 1-2 pound of flour, 1-2 pint of yeast. Boil the hops and water for 20 minutes, strain and mix with the liquid 1-2 pound of flour and not quite 1-2 pint of yeast. Bottle it up and tie the corks down. When wanted for use boil potatoes according to the quantity of bread to be made (about 3 pounds are sufficient for about a peck of flour); wash them and add to them 1-2 pound of flour and mix about 1-2 pint of the yeast with them; let the mixture stand all day and lay the bread to rise the night before it is wanted. Twenty minutes to boil the hops and water; 1-2 pint of this yeast is sufficient for a peck of flour or rather more.
To Extract Bitter from Yeast.—Beat it up with a white of an egg, add a double quantity of water, beat all well together, cover it, let it stand all night and pour off the water, when it will be sweet. One egg is sufficient for a quart of yeast.
Miss Betsy's Yeast.—At 4 o'clock a. m. stir a cup of flour in 1 pint of water luke warm; a little salt; set it by the fire to rise and stir it often; when it is very light it is ready for use, and will make 2 loaves of bread very light for tea.
Baker's Yeast.—Put 1 dozen large potatoes and a large handful of hops in a pan to boil; don't peal the potatoes; wash them clean; when they are soft put 1 pint of flour in a jar, put the potatoes in the flour, and then the hops boiling hot, mash them all together and roll in a ball. Put aside until cold, and the water the potatoes were boiled in. When both are cold work them together and let it rise to the top and then fall. After it falls it is ready for use ; stir it well and strain it. Does not increase by rising.
To make Good Yeast.—Four good-sized potatoes, and boil in 1 gallon of water together with as much hops as you can grasp in your hand, placing the hops in a thin cloth and tie them up. When boiled take the potatoes and mash them; add 1 cup salt, 1 cup sugar; mix thoroughly, adding the hot water in which the potatoes and hops were boiled; let it stand until cool, then add 1 pint of baker's yeast, let it stand until fermented. Put in a jug and cork tight and keep cool, When the jug is nearly empty it can be filled again by this process, thus keeping a constant supply. One pint of the yeast is sufficient for a baking for a moderate sized family.
Baking Powders.—Tartaric acid 4 1-2 ounces, arrow root or nee flour 5 ounces ; mix.
Family Yeast.—Thicken 2 quarts of water with fine flour (three teaspoonfuls),boil 1-2 hour, sweeten with 1-2 pound of brown sugar, when near cold put into it 4 spoonfuls of fresh yeast in a jug, shake