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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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BISCUITS AMD ROLLS.                              213
shape; heat an oval wafer iron, place one of the pieces of paste in it, close the iron tightly, so as to spread the paste, and cook it on both sides; take the wafer out of the iron and put it flat on a sieve. When the paste has cooked in this way put the wafers by until wanted.
Ice Wafers.—Put 1-2 pound of flour in a basin with 1-2 pound of pounded sugar, 1 teaspoonful of vanilla sugar, 3 eggs ; mix well together and add 1-2 ounce of butter melted, and work the whole to a smooch paste, then mix in 1 quart of milk, in small quantities at first; heat a wafer iron over a moderate fire, turn it over to heat both sides equally, and pour in a spoonful of the wafer paste on one side, close the iron and put it over the fire; when the wafer is cooked on one side turn the iron over and cook the other side; cut off the superfluous part around the iron, open it, and place a stick on one end of the wafer and roll it quickly around the stick. Cook all the paste in the same way and put the wafers in a tin box, in a dry place, till wanted.
Almond Wafers a l'allemond.—Blanch, peel and pound 1-2 lb. of almonds, pounded sugar, and moisten the paste with two whites of eggs, warm some untinned baking sheets^ rub them over with pure white wax, and when cold place on them some small portions of the paste of the size ot a small walnut at in­tervals ; flatten each portion with a knife to a round 2 inches in diameter, strew the the top with chopped almonds mixed in white of egg and pounded sugar; bake the wafers in a slack oven, and when done press them on a rolling pin to curve them, and put them by for use.
Ginger Snaps.—Take 7 pounds of flour, 1 quart of molasses, 1 lb. of brown sugar, 1 lb. butter, 2 ounces of ground ginger, and then take 1 gill of water, 3-4 of an ounce of saleratus ; mix them all into a dough and cut them out something larger than marbles and bake them in a moderate oven
Ginger Snaps.—Two cups sugar, 2 cups molasses, 2 cups butter, or 1 cup of butter and 1 of lard, 2 tablespoonfnls soda dissolved in a very little rich milk and 4 tablespoonfulsof ginger. Roll thin and bake in a well-heated oven.
Cinnamon Jumbles.—1-2 cup each of butter and lard mixed to­gether, a teaspoonful of Price's yeast powder sifted into 2 cups of flour, 2 eggs, and powdered cinnamon enough to color a light brown ; drop a teaspoonful for each jumble on buttered iron sheets. Bake quickly ; when done, dust them with white sugar. They are delicious.
German Toast.—Beat 2 eggs lightly, slice a baker's loaf, dip in the eggs, and fry quickly in hot lard; serve with hot sauce.