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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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to do so. In cutting egg bread to serve a second time take the knife and cut off a minute portion of the ed#e and leave it on the plate, as that becomes hard, and then cut off a slice. Not much strength is required for cutting bread, 4t but it may be done very gracefully."
Leavened Bread.—Having preserved a piece of dough from your last baking, the night before you intend to bake, put this into the amount of flour you intend to bake and work the whole together with warm water; let it lie in a wooden bowl or tray, covered with a thick cloth or a thin one folded several times over it, in a warm place. The dough, kept warm, will rise again the next morning and will prove sufficient to mix with two or three bushels of flour when worked up with warm water and one pound of salt to each bushel. Being worked well and thoroughly incorporated, cover it, as before, till it rises ; then knead aud make into loaves. The more the dough leaven is used the lighter the bread will be.
To Make Twist Bread.—Make the dough, then take three pieces each as large as a pint bowl; sift some flour on the table or board and roll each lump under your hand to a foot long, making it smaller at the ends than in the middle. Having rolled the three pieces in this way, join their ends together, plait them the whole length and join the last ends as the first, by pressing them together. Pass a brush dipped in milk over the the loaf. Lay in baking tins, set in a quick oven ; bake for 55 minutes. When the milk is put on wait 10 minutes before baking.
A Plain Loaf of Bread.—One gallon of the best flour or sec­onds, 1 teaspoonful salt, 3 tablespoonfuls yeast, 1 1-2 pint of water. Allow to rise and bake. Make into a large loaf of bread.
Mexican Bread.—Three pints of flour, 1 1-2 pint of sugar, 6 eggs. Take the white out of 3 of the eggs; 3 oz. soda. Salt to taste. Raise with hop yeast.
Pulled Bread.—Take from the oven an ordinary loaf when it is about half-baked, and with the fingers, while the bread is yet hot, dexterously pull the half-set dough into pieces of irregular shape about the size of an egg. Don't attempt to smooth or flatten them; the rougher their shapes the better. Set upon tins and place in a slow oven and bake to a rich brown. This forms a delicious, crisp crust for cheese. If you do not bake at home, your baker will pre­pare it for you, if ordered. It is very nice with wine instead of biscuits.
Bread for Dyspeptics.—Scald some Indian meal; mix with it