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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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with 1 1-2 pounds of flour, 2 eggs beaten separately, a little salt and just enough milk to make it. Make them flat—as large as a coffee cup—and as thick as you like, or roll them into balls and drop them in boiling water or into the boiling of beef, or you may roll the paste into along dumpling and boil it in a cloth wrapped closely around it. Eat with sauce.
Bread and Suet Dumplings.—Take 1-2 pound of grated bread, 1 - 2 pound of beef suet chopped very fine, the juice and grated rind of 1 lemon, 4 oz. of moist sugar and 2 eggs. Mix all together and make 5 dumplings; boil them in cloths 1-2 an hour and serve with sweet, rich sauce.
Paste Dumplings.—The paste made as for boiled dumplings and rolled very thin, then put a mere trifle of butter over the paste and roll up and boil. Eat in the same manner with seasoned sauce as for boiled dumplings.
Boiled Dumplings.- -Beat the yolks of 6 eggs and the whites separately, as for pound cake, then add a little salt, flour, 1 cup of butter to the yolks of the eggs and stir till smooth ; then add the whites and more flour until it is stifl enough to be be rolled out with a rollingpin on a floured pasteboard; then roll it up and put it into a bag and wrap it closely, so that it may not spread. It is better to sew it in. Boil 3-4 of an hour. Unwrap it and lay it on a dish, slice and eat hot with a rich sauce also hot, or with a sauce of cream and sugar, or butter and sugar cold. Season to taste.
Hard Dumplings—One pound of flour, 1-2 pint of water, 1-2 teaspoonful salt. Mix the flour and water together to a smooth paste, previously adding a small quantity of salt. Turn this into small round dumpings; drop them into boing water and boil from 12 to 3-4 of an hour. They may be served with roast or bored meat; in the latter case they may be cooked with the meat, but should be dropped into the water when it is quite boiling. Boil from 1-2 to 3-4 of an hour. Sufficient for 10 or 12 dumplings.
Green Peach or Apple Dumplings.—The paste made as above. If the fruit be stewed, take a spoon or your hand and put it smooth­ly on the paste, and roll it up, or if used before cooking, Chop them first very fine and put the particles uniformly on the paste and roll up and boil. Any kind of marmalade, apple butter, preserves, jel­lies, sweetmeats or dried fruits chipped very fine, or raisins can be used in the same manner and eaten with the sauce desired.
French Pancakes.Put in a basin 1-4 lb. sifted flour, 1 egg, 1-4 gill of milk ; stir to a smooth paste, then add 1-2 a pint of milk, 1 spoonful fresh butter, melted, and x small pinch of salt; mix well