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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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it is no disadvantage), one pounded nutmeg, a glass of brandy, a glass of wine and a small teaspoonful of salaratus or pearl ash; stir the whole very hard, bake it in a buttered pan in a brisk oven. This cake, if wrapped in a cloth, will keep a week in a soft state, and even months, if buried under sugar or in a tight tin box.
Delicious Citron Pudding.—Beat until very thick and light the yolks of 16 fresh eggs, stir in gradually, beat all the time, 3-4. of a pound of sugar, then mix in three-quarters of a pound of melted butter from which all the salt has been previously washed, then line 2 deep pie plates with puff paste, cut into thin slices, some preserv­ed citron and lay closely over the pastry, leaving a margin around the edges; fill with the batter and bake in an oven heated reg­ularly but not too great. When drawn from the oven sift over them finely pulverized white sugar. They are good whether eaten hot or
Crust for Boiled Pudding.—To 4 pounds of flour add one salt spoonful of culinary alkali powder, mix well with a little water—the dough will be light.
Potato Pudding.—(Mrs. Tom Moun Randolph of Tuchohae.— Beat a pound of boiled baked sweet potatoes to a fine paste, while beating moisten them with melted butter, (6 ounces are enough;) sweeten with sugar or honey, mix in 6 well whisked eggs; mix all till smooth, then stir in some rose water, a little wine and nutmeg; bake in a pudding dish. Serve very hot.
Sweet or Irish Potato Pudding.—Three-fourths pound of but­ter, 1 1-2 pound of sweet or Irish potatoes, juice and outer peel of 1 lemon, 1 egg, beaten separately.
PLARN Potato Pudding.—Take 1-2 pound of boiled potatoes, 1 cup of butter, the yolks and whites of 2 eggs, 1-2 cup of cream, 1 spoonful of California wine, a pinch of salt, the juice and rind of a lemon; beat all to a froth and sugar to taste; a crust or not, as you map approve. Bake it; if wanted richer add 1 spoonful of butter, some sweetmeats and almonds and another egg.
Family Potato Pudding for Dessert.—Wash to a pulp 1 lb. of boiled mealy potatoes, 1-4 pound of sugar, 1 ounce of almonds, 1 1-2 pound sweet almonds; all beaten fine and well mixed; cinna­mon and cartoons to taste; 8 yolks of eggs; well mix the whole, then beat the whites to a solid froth. Put all in a well greased or buttered pan and sprinkle the pan with bread crumbs; put in a moder­ate oven and bake.
N. B. This pudding can be boiled 2 hours in a form,
A Sweet Potato Pudding.—(Old Virginia.)—One pound each of butter and sugar, 2 pounds of boiled, mashed and strained sweet potatoes, then add the sugar and butter to the potatoes by degrees