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SWEET PUDDINGS.                                 259
with 5 eggs well beaten; a glass of wine, 1 of brandy and 1 of rose water; 1 cup of cream, 1-2 tablespoonful of alspice. Beat the whole to a c/eam. Bake in a deep pan or in a crust.
Sweet Potato Pudding.—Potatoes, sugar, butter, cream, wine or brandy, nutmeg, lemon peel and 4 eggs. Boil the potatoes till thoroughly done, then mash fine, add the butter and sugar while it is hot, allowing to every 2 pounds of potatoes 1-2 pound of sugar, one half pound of butter, 1-2 cup sweet cream, 1-2 cup of strong wine or brandy. Beat the eggs well while this mixture is cooling and add the seasoning last. Line pie plates (earthen) with puff paste and pour in the mixture. Bake in a regularly but moderately heated oven. When done, take from the fire, cover the tops with quince marmalade or with thinly sliced bits of citron ; then strew thickly over this granulated white sugar and serve each person at the table with this and a glass of rich, sweet milk.—New Orlaans Housekeep­ing.
Snow Cap Rice Pudding.—Boil 1 lb. of rice in 4 pints of new sweet milk until it is thoroughly done and thick, add a little salt. Take some earthen cups, dip them in cold water and pour the rice in. When cold, turn them out in a dish and sift powdered loaf su­gar and grated nutmeg over them and serve.
Corn Starch Baked Pudding.—Three tablespoonfuls of corn starch to 2 pints of milk, dissolve the starch in some of the milk. Put into the remainder of the milk 4 spoonfuls of sugar, a pinch of salt, a piece of lemon peel or cinnamon stick, and heat nearly to boiling, then add the mixed corn and boil, stirring it briskly 4 min­utes, take out the rind and pour into a mould or cup and keep till cold. When turned out pour round it any kind of stewed fruit or preserves or sauce of milk and sugar.
Boiled Corn Starch Pudding.—Three tablespoonfuls of the corn starch to 1 quart of milk. Dissolve the corn in some of the milk and mix with it 2 or 3 eggs well beaten and a little salt; heat the remainder of the milk to near boiling; add the above prepar­ations and boil 4 minutes, stirring it briskly. Eat warm with sauce.
Crackkd Wheat Pudding.—Boil cracked wheat enough for two meals ; stir in a few minutes before boiling up, dates or any dried fruit; next day prepare a custard as usual, and stir thoroughly the wheat through and bake just long enough to bake the the custard; thus you nave two desserts with little trouble. Palatable and nutri-cious.—Mrs. Lewis.
Graham Pudding Crust.—Make a crust of 1 pint of fine Gra­ham flour and 1 gill of sweet, dried raspberries, with scalding water, to the consistency proper for biscuits, roll 1-2 an inch thick, cut in squares with sharp knife and bake 20 minutes in a moderate oven. Serve hot or cold.