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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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delicious by substituting Naples biscuit and cream for the bread and milk, and adding a glass of ratafia to the orange flower water. Some boil the carrots, and thereby the saccharine virtue is lost.
Herb PuddINg.—Scald, wash and shred very fine a handfull of spinach, beets, parsley and leeks, or as many as you may like. Have ready i quart groats or barley steeped 1-2 hour in warm water, 1 lb. of pork fat cut into small pieces, 2 or 3 large onions chopped small, 3 sage leaves well picked; put in a little salt; mix all well together and tie up close. Boil 1 hour, and the bag must be loosened while boiling to give the pudding room to swell.
Spinach Pudding.—Pick and clean 1 gallon spinach, put into it a little salt; cover it close, and when it has boiled tender throw it into a sieve to drain, then chop it up with a knife, beat up 6 eggs mixed well with 1-2 pint of cream, a stale roll grated fine, a little nutmeg and 1 cup melted butter, stir the whole and put it into the sauce­pan the spinach was boiled in ; keep on stirring till it begins to thicken, then wet and flour a cloth, tie up the pudding and boil it an hour. When done turn it out on a dish.
Bread and Marrow Puddings.—After the skins are thoroughly cleaned, soak them all night in water, then halt-fill them with a mix­ture of 1-2 lb. blanched almonds chopped into 7 or 8 pieces, 1 lb. giated bread, 2 lbs. marrow or suet, 1 lb. currants, some pounded cinnamon and cloves, mace and nutmegs, 1 quart of cream, the yolks of 6 eggs and the whites of 2 eggs, a little orange flower wa­ter, some loaf sugar, lemon peel and citron sliced. Boil them in milk and water, and take care to preserve them from bursting by pricking them with a fork.
Marrow and Almond Pudding.—Chop 1 lb. beef marrow and 1-2 lb. of sweet almonds blanched; beat them fine with orange flower or rose water; take 1-2 lb grated bread, the same quantity of currant . 1-4 lb. fine sugar, 1 teaspoonful (even) each of mace, nut­meg and cinnamon, and 1-2 pint wine; mix these with 1-2 pint of cream and the yolks of 4 eggs, half-fill the skins, tie them up and boil them 1-4 hour.
Beef Marrow and Sweet Potato Pudding.—Take an equal portion of Beef marrow and sweet potatoes that have been boiled and nicely peeled and mashed and the strings removed by straining through a coarse hair sieve, and sugar or honey, 6 well-beaten eggs, 1 teaspoonful pounded nutmeg or alspice ; beat the whole thoroughly, bake in a deep earthen dish, serve and eat hot. If wished, 1-2 cup of wheat or rice flour or boiled rice may be added and beaten with the other ingredients. Let it be tried and it will be found to be the best of puddings.
Persimmon Pudding.—Bread crumbs, 4 oz.; beef suet, chopped