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284                                        CUSTARDS.
tragacanth, 1 dram essence lemon, 1-2 dram essential oil of almonds, mix and put them in 1 oz. packets; take 1 pint of milk, rub up the contents of a packet with a little of it, boil the remainder with 2 ozs. of lump sugar, pour while boiling on the custard, stir it well and bake.
Bread and Butter Custard.—Cut as many very thin slices of white bread as will cover the bottom and line the sides of a bak­ing dish, but first rub it thick with butter; put apples, in thin slices, into the dish in layers till full, strewing sugar between and bits of butter; in the meantime soak as many thin slices of bread as will cover the whole in warm milk, over which lay a plate and a weight to keep the bread close on the apples; bake slowly 3 hours; to a middling-sized dish use 1-2 lb. of butter in the whole.
Coffee Custards.—For 6 cups, measure out 4 cups of boiled milk, put it in a basin with 1 cup of strong coffee, add 5 yolks of eggs and 1 12 spoonfuls of sugar powdered ; mix well and strain through a pointed strainer; fill the cups with the mixture, strain off carefully ail froth from the surface, put them in a flat stew pan with boiling water to the height of the cups; put the stew pan, with live coals on its cover, and on a very slow fire for 15 minutes ; the water should only bubble for a few minutes; set the custards to cool in water, wipe the cups clean and serve.
Caramel Custards.—Prepare as for coffee custards, using 1 cup of caramel instead of coffee; put in a small coffee kettle or sage boiler 1 cupful of pounded sugar, stir over the fire till it becomes of a dark-looking color, then add 1 cup of water, boil 1 minute till the sugar is dissolved, add this to the custard instead of the coffee, finish in cups, as for coffee custard.
Almond Custards.—Blanch and beat 1-2 lb. of sweet almonds or 1-2 oz. of bitter almonds, using a little rose water to prevent their oiling, sweeten 2 1-4 cups of milk and the same quantity of cream and mix them with the yolks of 6 eggs, stirring them well as they cool; rub the almonds through a sieve to this and set it over the fire to thicken, carefully stirring it, pour it into a pitcher and stir until it cools ; instead of boiling this may be baked in cups, or in a dish with an elegantly cut paste border; flour of rice may be used instead of almonds ; they are then called rice custards.
Corn Starch Custards.—Three tablespoonfuls of corn starch to 2 pints of milk; stir the corn with a small quantity of the milk and flavor it to taste ; beat up 3 eggs, heat the remainder of the milk near boiling, then add the mixed starch, the eggs, 5 table-spoonfuls of sugar, or a little butter and salt; boil it 2 minutes, stir­ring it briskly.