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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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300                              MEAT AND bAVORY PUSS.
Raisin Pie.—Pour i quart of water over a pound of raisins, then dry the raisins by squeezing them inacloth,then grate the rind of a lemon into a cup of sugar, a dessert spoonful of flour and i beaten egg, then stir into the raisins 3 cups of boiling water, then turn the raisins into the mixture and stir it again. This will make % pies. Bake between two crusts as other pies.
Elderberry Pie.—Take 2-3 elderberries, 1-3 of apples peeled and sliced, 4 spoonfuls sugar, 1 spoonful each of butter and flour. Season with powdered coriander seed to taste. Bake between crusts.
Summer Minced Pies.—Three soda crackers, 1 cup each of mo­lasses, vinegar, butter, chopped and seeded raisins, boiling water poured on crackers, 2 cups sugar, 3 eggs and flour to taste.
Sliced Sweet or Irish Potato Pie.—Line a deep plate or dish with a common pie crust tolerably thin, then put in a full layer of butter sprinkled over thinly with finely pounded coriander seeds and other spices, then put in slices of potatoes sprinkled a little with spices, then another layer of butter, till more than full; pour over a small teacupfulof water or cider, or less of either and a little brandy, then put on a rich, thick pie crust well pasted, so as to come off in flakes, on the top ; the edges should be removed by pressing them against the pie or dish, then pierce the top a number of times with a fork. Glaze with a feather dipped in new milk, and bake in a moderate oven till of a light brown.
Cocoanut Pie.—One-quarter lb sweet butter, t-2 lb. powdered white sugar; beat the butter and the sugar well together until it forms a thick cream, then add 4 well whisked eggs, whites and yolks beaten together; 1-2 pint grated cocoanut; 1 quart sweet milk, beaten well together; have ready some nice puff paste, line your patty pans and fill them nearly full of the mixture. Bake in a moderate oven.
Croquette of Fresh Walnuts.—Take about 60 English walnuts when they are just ripe enough to leave tht shell by carefully cutting it in two; then take off the white skin that covers the fruit, keep clean in a cloth, then drop them in cold water, drain them on a nap­kin, boil the desired quantity of sugar moistened with some cold water, and boil it until it becomes a little brittle when dropped in cold water, then, with the kernels of the walnuts dipped from wooden tongs (for the purpose) into the candy, then place the walnut kernels so dipped into a mould slightly oiled, when the whole has been used and the kernels are cool and hard, fill the mould with whipped cream seasoned with a little brandy and sugar, and place some strawberries on the top and serve.
Note.—Almonds, oranges and other fruits may be treated in the same manner as the walnuts, and also green almonds.
Cocoanut Pies.—One cup rasped cocoanut soaked in milk, 3 pow-?