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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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MTSAT AND SAVORY PIES.                            3OT
dered crackers or 2 tablespoonfuls corn starch, 3 eggs, a little butter and salt, add sugar if wanted; grated rind of lemon improves. Bake without upper crust.
Cream Pie.—A rich crust, 4 eggs, 1 cup each of sugar and flour, 2 tablespoonfuls baking powder, 1 pint of cream or milk, 2 eggs, 1 cup of sugar, 2 heaped teaspoonfuls corn starch. Crust is to be baked in round tins. This makes 3 layers. When cold spread cream between as you do in jelly cake. The cream should be cooked by itself.—Mrs. L. M. Kellogg.
Lemon Cream Pies—(Mrs. Lane, Panama).—To 3 spoonfuls moistened corn starch, pour 1 quart warm water and add 3 cups fine white sugar, the juice and peel of 3 lemons, 3 beaten eggs, a little salt. Bake between 2 rich pie crusts.
Rice Pie—(Mrs. Ewing).—-Two pints of milk boiled, 1 small tea­cup of rice flour mixed in very little cold water; add to the boiling milk 2 tablespoonfuls of butter. When cold add 5 well-beaten eggs, sweeten to taste, flavor with vanilla and bake in a moderate oven.
Custard Pie.—Beat 7 eggs, sweeten a quart of milk that has been boiled and cooled. A stick of cinnamon or a bit of lemon peel should be boiled in it. Sprinkle in a saltspoon of salt, add the eggs and a grated nutmeg, stirring the whole together. Line two deep plates with good paste; set them in the oven 3 min­utes to harden the crust, then pour in the custard and bake 20 minutes.
Sweet Potato Pie (Southern.)—Wash, peel and boil your pota­toes till soft, and strain them; to each lb. allow 12 oz. sugar, 8 oz. butter, 2 cups of cream or new milk, 6 eggs well beaten, some cinnamon and nutmeg. Beat all thoroughly till smooth, then stir in a wineglass of brandy. Line your plate or dish with a crust and bake in a moderate oven till half done, then when cold pour on the potatoes and bake a light brown. Serve cold.
Sweet Potato Pie (grated).—Boil the potatoes, when perfectly cold grate them, then rub in a large cup of sugar, 2 large spoon­fuls of butter; beat to a cream; add two teaspoonfuls of ground cinnamon, 1-2 grated nutmeg, 1 pinch of salt, the juice and the yellow grated off of a lemon, the yolks of 4 eggs beaten. Add gradually to the grated potato, then add the whites beaten solid; 2 teaspoonfuls cream or rich milk ; pour into a pie dish lined with a short crust and bake. Eaten cold.
Georgia Sweet Potato Pie.—Boil 2 pounds of sweet potatoes soft, skin and mash them smoothly, add 1 quart of new sweet milk, 5 eggs and a teacupful of butter; cinnamon and nutmeg to taste; last, stir in one cup of good whiskey and 2 cups of sugar; this makes a soft batter. Have ! rich under-crust made and fill with the batter, Bake a rich brown.