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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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it richer make it thinner and add sweet cream and 2 eggs more; two teaspoonfuls of sifted cinnamon and 1 of powdered ginger, but all­spice may be used or any other spices that may be prepared. The peel of lemon or orange gives it a pleasant flavor. Some put 1 egg to a gill of cream. Bake 1 hour in deep plates or shallow dishes in a hot oven.
Squash Pie.—(Liverpool Steamer's recipe.)—Two quarts each of sifted squash and new milk, 6 well beaten eggs, stir well, flavor wit* nutmeg or lemon to the taste.
Squash Pie.—Pare the squash and remove the seeds, stew it in as little water as possible till soft, then squeeze through a colander, then stir as much sweet milk into the squash so as to make it thick as batter; grated ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. Sweeten with sugar, add 2 or 3 eggs well whisked for each quart of milk used. Line your pie plates with crust and fill them with the mixture. Bake one hour in a moderate oven.
Lemon Pie.—The grated peel and juice of 3 lemons, 1 cup of sugar, 1 of molasses, 1 cup of chopped raisins or currants boiled, 1 cup of water and two eggs. Bake with three crusts,—Mrs. Lane% Panama.
Lemon Pie.—Mrs. R's.—Three lemons, 3 cups sugar and a des­sert spoonful of fiour; rinds of 1 1-2 lemons. Beat the sugar and eggs together, grate the lemon rinds, then add the flour and 1 cup of water. Bake.
Lemon Pie.—One chopped lemon, 1 cup sugar, 1 1-2 crackers crumbled fine, 3 tablespoonfuls hot water for 1 pie. Baked with 2 crusts.
Lemon Pie with 3 Crusts.—A layer of crust, a layer of lemon sliced fine, a little sugar, a layer of crust again, and sugar and lemon again, then the upper crust.
Lemon Pie.—Take the juice and rind of 1 lemon, grate the rind and put the juice of the lemon in a pint of hot water, thicken with corn starch. Upper and lower crust. One cup of sugar to each lemon, and butter as large as an English walnut.—Mrs. L. M. Kel­logg-
Imitation of Lemon Pie.—Pare and boil a turnip and a tea-spoonful of tartaric acid and a cup of sugar. Season and bake as apple pie.
Lemon Pie.—(Annie's.)—Bake your trusts in a tin pie plate, then make the filling with 1 large lemon squeezed or juice, throw the peel in water, then grate it. Beat the yolks of 6 eggs, some butter, a lit­tle flour, 2 coffee cups of pounded loaf sugar, 1 cup of cream, mix all till smooth, then pour over the cold crust and bake till set. Beat the whites to a solid froth, take up the pie again, and when cold put