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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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lay the fish in the dish, add a little beaten mace, some butter and 1-2 pint of claret; cover the pie and bake it in a moderate oven.
Salmon Pie.—About 4 pounds are required. Cut into thin slices separately with peppei*, salt and a very little mace. Pound a pint of shrimps with an ounce of butter and mould into small balls. Mix with a piece of salmon. Boil down the bones and skin of the fish into a jelly and fill up the dish. Cover with good paste and bake an hour.
Mountain Trout Pie.—Wash and prepare a large mountain trout, then take an eel and boil it till nearly tender, pick off the meat and mince it fine with the same quantity of crumbs of bread, some sweet herbs, lemon peel cut small, pepper, salt, grated nutmeg, a herring, 1-2 pint of oysters par-boiled and chopped fine and the yolks of 3 hard eggs cut small. Roll this mixture with 1-4 pound of butter and fill the trout. Cover the dish with a crust and lay the fish therein. Save the liquor in which the eel was boiled, put the bones into it, and boil the whole with mace, whole pepper, 1 onion (sweet), 1 herring or spot, till reduced to 1-2 pint. Strain it and add 1-4 pint of white wine and a piece of butter mixed with flour. Boil this and pour it into the pie, put on the cover and bake it 1 hour in a quick oven. Rock fish, soles and halibut may be done in the same manner, only using port wine instead of white wine or claret.
Fish Pies can be made like the Old Virginia pot pie. They are very good. Only large fish are used.
Fish Pie.—Boil a large Rock fish, pick it up, add to it 3 eggs, 3 spoonfuls of butter, 1 of flour and make it into a batter with milk ; add pepper and salt to taste. Bake between crusts, or one, in a pan.
Game Pie, Fly Away.—(Liverpool and Steamer Cook)—Make your game pie in a mould for the purpose; with a mould also for the purpose covered with paste and baked with the pie; then over the cold pies cut white paper to fit the top of the pie ; several thicknesses over it, then put in some live birds under the top standing on the white paper. Persons not knowing the secret will hear the chirping and twitting of the birds and not know where they are. When the dish is to be help the waiter will remove the top and the birds fly away. The papers removed.with the top at once and the pie served. To some it may be amusing.
Squab Pie.—Cut apples as for other pies and lay them in rows with mutton chops, chopped onions and sprinkle it among them and some butter with the squabs cut in pieces.
Squab Pie—A New Hampshire Way.—Take 12 nicely cleaned squabs, then mix up to a thick paste 6 heaped teaspoonfuls each of sweet fresh butter and flour, then into each bird put half a teaspoon-