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PATTIES.                                        317
season it and add to it the fowl or meat with a teacupful of any sort of good broth or weak gravy. When it is baked pour into it 1-4 pint of cream scalded with the size of a walnut of butter and a bit of flour. Shake it round to mix with the gravy already in. Lettuce, white mustard leaves or spinach may be added to the parsley and scalded before put in.
Artichoke Pie.—Boil 12 artichokes, break off the leaves and the bottoms, make a good crust and spread 1-4 lb. of butter over the bottom of the dish, then place a row of artichokes, strew pepper, salt and mace beaten, cover them, then another row of artichokes, and so on alternately. Boil 1-2 ounce of truffles or mushrooms and in small morsels scatter them over the pie, add 1 gill of white wine, then cover and bake your pie.
Vegktable Pie.—Take Windsor beans, young carrots, a sliced turnip, two or three artichoke bottoms, a small quantity of spinach, a gill of green peas, and if not objected to, an onion and a small bunch of parsley; put these into a stew pan with 1-2 pint of cream, 2 teaspoonfuls of salt and 1 of pepper and stew for 1-4 hour, then beat all together and turn into a pie dish, adding 2 ounces of butter. Cover with a thin puff paste and bake 1-4 hour; serve hot. This is a good dish.
Patties.—Roll out puff paste half inch thick, cut them with a round cutter, the size wanted; mark the top where to be taken out; glaze them over with yolk of egg or cream, and bake in a quick oven. When done cut the inside out and put in patty meat as described under the different heads of patty meats. If a top is wanted cut a smaller size and roll a little thiner; when baked take out the bottoms and cover over the other. Force meat for patties may be prepared from many different articles.
Beef Patties.—They are made of underdone beef, chopped small, seasoned with pepper, salt, cayenne, shalot and onion; a little butter, cream or rich gravy may be added at pleasure.
Turkey Patties.—Mince sorqe of the white meat and add thereto grated lemon peel, nutmeg, salt, white pepper, cream and a little butter; put the whole over the fire some time and then make as be­fore directed.
Lobster Patties.—Take a hen lobster that has been boiled, pick out the meat from the tail and claws, chop it fine and put it into a stewpan with a little of the inside spawn pounded in a mortar till perfectly smooth; add thereto an ounce of fresh butter, 1-2 gill of cream and the same of veal jelly, and cayenne pepper, salt and a