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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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sugar, then beat the whites of 3 new-laid eggs, add them to the su­gar, and peel and beat it for an hour; make it up into shape and bake it on oiled paper laid on tin plates in a moderate oven. The paper must remain till cold. Oiling it will make it come off with ease.
Almond Pi/ffs.—Blanch 2 ounces of sweet almonds, beat them fine with orange flower water. Beat up also the whites of 3 eggs to a froth and strew in a little sifted sugar; mix the almonds with the sugar and the eggs and add more sugar till it is thick as paste. Make it into cakes and bake them in a moderate oven.
Rennet Puffs.—Pour a little rennet into 2 quarts of milk, and when it is broken put it into a coarse cloth to drain. Then rub the curd through a sieve (hair) and put to it 4 ounces of butter. 10 oz. of bread, 1-2 nutmeg, a lemon grated and a spoonful of wine. Sweeten with sugar to your taste, rub your cups with butter and put them into the oven for about 30 minutes.
Apple Puffs.—Pare the apples and*either stew or bake them; when cold mix the pulp with sugar and lemon peel chopped fine, taking but little of the juice. Bake them in a thin paste in a quick oven for 15 minutes. Any kind of marmalade will make it better with a little seasoning of spice.
Sugar Puffs.—Beat the whites of 10 eggs to a stiff froth, then put them in a marble mortar with as much powdered white sugar as will make it thick; rub it well round, put in a few caraway seeds, then take a sheet of wafers and lay the same on, each as broad as a gold dollar and as high as you can. Put them in a moderate oven for 1-4 hour.
Chocolate Puffs.—Beat and sift 1-2 lb. of the best loaf sugar, scrape into it 1 ounce of chocolate very fine and mix the whole to­gether. Beat up the white of an egg to a froth and strew into it the sugar and the chocolate, beating it till it is as thick as paste, then sugar the paper, drop them about the size of a dime and bake in a slow oven.
Potato Puffs (Aunt Judy's.)^-After clearing from the gristle cut small equal portions of cold meat, beef mutton, veal and ham to­gether; then season with pepper, salt and minced pickles if fancied, then form a paste with boiled Irish potatoes mashed and an egg; roll the paste out and dredge with flour; cut round with a saucer, put some of the seasoned meat upon one half and fold the other over like puff; pinch neatly round and fry a light brown. A nice way to save odds and ends of cold meat.
Note—One kind of meat will do.
Pudding Puffs.—Mix 3 eggs, 3 tablespoonfuls of flour, 1-2 pint of cream and two tablespoonfuls of orange flower or rose water.