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326                     SWEET AND DELICATE DISHES.
whipped up stiff with 1-2 cup of jelly—add gradually. Use crab apple jelly if bitter almonds have been put into the custard; cur­rant for vanilla, strawberry, or any other sweet conserve, if you season the custard with lemon. Bake covered for 5 minutes, then remove the lid and brown the meringue very slightly. Eat cold with powdered sugar sifted over the top.
Queen of Trifles—(Mrs. H/s.)—One-half pound of lady-fin­gers or square sponge cakes, 1-2 pound of macaroons, the same of sweet almonds blanched, the same of crystalized fruit chopped fine, t cup sweet jelly or jam, 1 glass of brandy, 1 glass of the best sherry, rose water, 1 pint of cream whipped, 1 pint of rich milk for custard, 4 eggs, whites and yolks separated, 1 tablespoonful of corn starch, 1 small cupful sugar for custard, a little powdered sugar for whipped cream, vanilla flavoring for custard; put sponge cakes at the bottom of a large glass dish, wet with brandy, and cover thinly with jelly. Strew the mixed fruit thickly upon this.
Lemon Trifles.—(Mrs. H.)—Delicious.—Two lemons, juice of both, and grated rind of 1 ; 2 cups sherry, 1 large cup of sugar, 1 pint cream well sweetened and whipped stiff, a little nutmeg; strain the lemon juice over the sugar and grated peel, and let them lie to­gether 2 hours before adding the wine and nutmeg. Strain again, and whip gradually into the frothed cream; serve in jelly glasses and send around cake with it. It should not be allowed to stand, but eaten as soon as made.
Floating Islands.—(Revolutionary recipe.)—My dear old great grandmother's. Beat 4 eggs to a solid foam, after putting 2 table-spoonfuls each of currant jelly and raspberry jam ; continue to beat until it is thoroughly incorporated. In the meantime, or before you beat the eggs, lay in the bottom of a pretty china dessert dish some Naples biscuit or thin slices of sponge cake, cover with sweetmeats and cream or rich new milk, and then pile the egg froth on this as high as you can. You may employ bits of preserves beaten with the egg instead of the jam, and you can use only one kind of jelly or jam, as you may please. This was a famous dish at wedding sup-suppers, parties, Xmas dinners, and all grand festive occasions, by our revolutionary grandmas in the old Dominion.
San Francisco Syllabub.—One quart of cream, 1 pint best Cali­fornia white wine, the juice of a California lemon, 1 large orange or 2 small ones with a large glass of brandy, 1 gill of orange flower water and pounded sugar to taste. Beat it up well, and as the froth rises take it off and lay it on the back of a sieve to drain; if it does not rise well add the whites of 2 eggs. When done enough put a little of the liquor into a glass and grate thereon some nutmeg and fill them 1-2 with froth. It may be colored with cochineal or by using red instead of white wine.