The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Coffee Charlotte Russe.—Line a mould with finger biscuits, as above, roast 1-2 pound of green coffee in a coffee pan, boil 1 quart of cream, put the coffee in it, and let it stand in a warm place for an hour; put 8 yolks of eggs in a stew pan with 3-4 pounds of pounded sugar, strain in the coffee cream and stir over the fire until the eggs begins to thicken. Steep 1 ounce of gelatine in cold wa­ter, drain, and add it to cream; stir till the gelatine is melted, strain through a hair sieve into* a basin and stir the cream on the ice until it begins to thicken ; add 1 quart of well whipped cream, and finish the charlotte as directed in the preceding recipe.
Apple Charlotte.—Peal and core 20 large, ripe, plump apples cut them in thin slices, put them in a sauie pan, with some butter and pounded sugar, and toss them over the fire till they are done; Line a plain mould with bread, as follows; cut some thin slices of bread crumb; cut it, 1 1-2 inch cutter, to put in the center, then cut some heart-shaped pieces, and dip them in butter, together with the round piece; put the latter at the bottom of the mould, in the center; and place the heart shaped pieces around it, over-laping one another ; fill the center with the cooked apples and put the Charlotte in the oven until the bread is well colored. Turn the Charlotte out of the mould on a dish; glaze it over with some boiled appricot jam ; and serve.
Pear Charlotte.—Line the mould with bread as for apple charlotte; peal 15 rather large, ripe and plump California pears, cut them in quarters and cook them in a sauce-pan with some butter and loaf sugar; fill the mould with pears, put the Charlotte to color in the oven; turn it, cut and glaze it over with jam to fancy.
Egg Blanc Mange.—Take 2-3 box of gelatine and 4 1-2 cups of sweet milk, pour the gelatine in a quart of milk and set it in the back of the stove to dissolve the gelatine, then add a coffee cup of white sugar while the milk is heating, beat the yolks of 6 eggs, add half cup of milk to them, and when the milk is scalding hot, put the eggs in flour with vanilla or extract of lemon. Stir carefully one way until it is done, which will be in a few minutes. If it remains over the fire too long, it will curdle. Three minutes will be long enough to scald it. Take from the fire; continue to s|ir it gently until it is quite cool Then rinse a mould and stir the mixture into it; put in ice. Eaten with sweet cream.
Orange Snow.—Four large Mandarine oranges, juice of all and the peel of one, juice and the grated peel of one lime, 1 package of the best gelatine soaked in 2 gills of water. The whites of five eggs, beaten to a solid froth, 1 coffee cup heaped with sugar (powdered) and 2 cups of boiling water. Mix the juice and peel of the oranges and lime with the soaked gelatine, add the sugar; stir