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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Coffee—How to Make it.—Put 2 ounces of ground or beaten coffee into a stew pan, then set it upon the fire, and with an iron spoon stir the powder well till quite hot, then pour over it 2 cups of boiling water, then put the cover on for 5 minutes; strain it through a cloth and put in a pot, and re warm it and serve.
Coffee, to make in the Old Style.—One teacupful of ground coffee, moisten with the white of an egg and cold water stirred well together, pour on boiling water, set it on the stove and let it boil up 3 times, stir it down twice with a spoon, but the third time pour in 1-2 cup of cold water, let stand 2 or 3 minutes and serve boiling hot. It is elegant.
Coffee—A new way to Make when in a Hurry.—Put 2 table-spoonfuls of coffee into a sauce pan, then put it on the fire, then stir it with an iron spoon until it becomes quite hot, then pour over it a pint of boiling water, then put the top on and boil for 4 or 5 minutes, then strain and re-warm it and serve. Sugar and cream or milk can be added to taste.
To Avoid Coffee losing its Strength—When the roasting is completed, while hot, put 1-2 ounce of white or brown sugar to 1 lb. of coffee; the sugar melts immediately; by well shaking or turning the roaster quickly it spreads all over the berries and gives each one a fine glaze. It then has a shining appearance as if covered with varnish, and has no smell, which returns when ground in a high degree. When roasted the grains should be opened, if heaped to­gether it causes them to sweat and lose their strength.
Arabian Manner of Settling Coffee.—Dip a cloth in cold wa­ter and wrap it around the hot coffee pot, and it will clear rapidly.
To Preserve Ground Coffee.—Wet ground coffee 1 lb. with 3 oz. of sugar, or thoroughly in cold water, then spread it oul in the open air to dry. The sugar locks up all the volatile parts, so that when it dries, it does not escape. It will keep a month in this way if exposed to the air.
How to make it, thus Preserved.—Pour cold water over the powder, and boil it. It makes as good a beverage, as if just roasted.
To make Coffee as used by Bonaparte.—Put the ground cof­fee into a vessel with a strainer, and pour the water on it perfect­ly cold, plunge this vesel into another, filled with boiling water, which must be kept at the boiling point until the process is completed. This method is thought to preserve the flavor of the coffee perfectly.
To Roast Coffee. (A French recipe.)—It is acknowledged that the French coffee is decidedly superior to any other, and as the roasting of the berry is of great importance to the flavor of the pre­paration, it will be useful and interesting to know how they manage these things in France. In Paris there are two houses, justly cele-