The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Sugar Ginger Bread.—One cup of sugar, i cup of milk, i piece of butter 1-2 the size of a hen's egg, 1 scant teaspoonful of saleratus, and flour enough to make it stiff as molasses ginger bread. Flavor with lemon or nutmeg.
Soft Molasses Cakes—Mrs, Webster's.—One quart molasses, 3 eggs> l P'nt buttermilk, 1-2 pint lard, 2 heaped tablespoonfuls of soda dissolved in the milk ; cinnamon and ginger to taste. Flour to make a dough by working it.
Cakes, Ginger—A plantation recipe.—With 2 pounds of flour, 1-4 pound powdered sugar, 1 pound sugar, 1-2 pound butter, 2 cups of water, 8 pieces of candied lemon peel grated; make a paste, then form into cakes, and before baking prick them with a straw or fork.
Ginger Bread.—One cup of molasses, 1-2 cup of butter, 1 egg, 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoonful of soda, 1 of ginger; flour enough to make a thick batter.
Ginger Snaps.—One and 1-2 pints molasses, 1 pint of lard or butter, 4 tablespoonfuls ginger, tablespoonfuls cream tartar, 2 of soda, 2 cups sugar.
Sweet Potato Buns.—Boil sweet potatoes soft, peel and mash them while hot in flour like bread, add spice and sugar with yeast; when well risen work in butter and make the dough up in small rolls and bake. You can use any quantity, according to judgment. One quart of flour, 1 coffeecup of potatoes, 1 tablespoonful of sugar and 6 grains of allspice with a dessertspoonful of butter is a good rule for a small family.
Buns Made by our Mother.—Flour, 2 1-2 lbs. ; butter, 6ozs.; sugar, 1-2 lb.; a little salt, pulverized ginger, cinnamon and cara­way; 1-2 cup of yeast and sufficient warm milk to form a paste, then brush them over with warm milk and bake them a fine brown in a tolerably slow oven.
Buns.—Two cups each of milk and sugar, 1 cup each of yeast and lard; lay three pieces of the dough 3 inches square together with molasses and a few carrouts; bake a light brown.
Quick Doughnuts.—Four eggs, 2 cups of sugar, 1 cup of but­ter, a tumblerful of sour milk or cream, 1 teaspoonful of nutmeg, 1-2 of cinnamon, 1 teaspoonful soda dissolved in hot water, flour to roll out in smooth dough; cut into shapes and fry in hot lard.
Muffcns—Mrs. L.—One quart of milk, 2 eggs, 1 large table-spoonful of butter warmed with the milk, flour enough to make a batter thick enough to drop from a spoon, 1 teaspoonful of salt, 1 pennyworth of baker's yeast, or 1 teacupful of homemade yeast; set to rise, and when very light bake in rings on a griddle.
Muffins.—One pint of flour, 2 eggs, 1 tablespoonful of butter, 2 tablespoonfuls of yeast. Milk enough to mix.