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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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meat, 1 pound of currants, half pound of sugar, 2 ozs. of candied lemon peel, 1 oz. of citron, mixed spice to taste. Pare the lemons, squeeze them, and boil the peel until tender enough to mash, add to the mashed lemon peel the apples, which should be pared, cored and minced, the chopped suet, currants, sugar, sliced peel, and spices. Strain the lemon juice to these ingredients; stir the mixture well, and put it into a jar with a close fitting lid, stir occasionally, and in a week or 10 days the minced meat will be ready for use. Suffi­cient for 18 larger or 24 small pies. Seasonable in cold weather.
Polish Tartlets.—Puff paste, the white of an egg, powdered sugar: roll some puff paste out thin and cut it into 2 1-2 inch squares; brush each square over with the white of an egg, then fold down the corners, so that they will meet in the middle of each piece of paste, slightly press the two pieces together, brush them over with the egg, sift over some sugar, and bake in a nice quick oven for 1-4 hour. When they are done, make a little hole in the middle of the paste, and fill it up with apricot jam, marmalade or red currant jelly. Pile them high in the center of a dish, on a napkin, and garnish with the same preserve that the tartlets are filled with. Bake 15 to 20 min­utes. Sufficient for 2 dishes of pastry. Seasonable at any time,— N. B. It should be borne in mind, that, for all dishes of small pastry, such as the preceding, trimmings of puff paste, left from larger tarts, answer as well as making the paste expressly.
Corn Patties. (Mrs. S. M. Kellogg.)—Grate 1 dozen ears of green Corn, add to it 2 well beaten eggs, with atablespoonful of flour, a little salt and pepper, beat well and drop in a hot griddle or pan, well buttered, use part lard, or they will burn.
Fried Cake. (Mrs. Patterson.)—One and a half cups of sugar, 1 cup sweet milk, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoonful of cinnamon, 5 teaspoonfuls of baking powder, 5 tablespoonfuls of melted lard, 1-2 teaspoonful of nutmeg, 1 quart of flour, a little salt.
Corn Meal Drop Cakes. -Scald 1 quart of meal, and stir a des­sert spoonful of lard in it, when cool, beat 2 eggs in, stir in milk enough to make a thick batter: grease a stove pan or spider and drop them from the spoon, to bake until brown. Clabber, with a lit­tle soda in it, will answer in the place of milk or butter-milk.
Buck Wheat Cakes.—One quart buck-wheat, 1 pint of flour, 1-2 teacupful yeast, salt; mix with moderately warm water into a thin batter. Beat well, then add yeast, mixing well, and set to rise over night for breakfast. If the batter should be sour in the morning, add some soda, according to the degree of acidity.
Applk Journey Cakes.—Three quarters sweet apples, and 1-4 tart apples peeled and chopped fine, a small teacupful of sugar, 1 pint of corn meal, and a large spoonful of white flour. Bake in cakes 1-2 inch thick, on a griddle or oven, 20 minutes.