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FLOWNS OR FLOATS.                                361
knife cut from the stem end of each a. round piece as large as a dime, then with the end of a tea or salt spoon remove the pulp entirely, taking pains not to break the peel. Throw these into cold water and make jelly of the juice, which must be well pressed from the pulp and strained as clear as possible. Color 1-2 with prepared cochi­neal and leave the other very pale ; when it is nearly cold drain and wipe the orange rinds and fill them with alternate layers or stripes of the two jellies ; when they are perfectly cold cut them in quarters and dispose them tastefully in a dish with a few light branches of sweet myrtle around them.
N. B. Call's feet or any other variety of jelly or different blanc­manges may be chosen to fill the rinds, the colors, however, should contrast as much as possible.
Orange IcingOrange Drops.—Mrs. Barringer, N. C.—Make the orange drops by dropping very stiff pound cake on tin plates. Prepare the icing by beating together orange juice and sugar pounded till quite stiff. When the orange drops are baked a pale brown, and are cold, spread this icing over and set in an oven to dry; put on only one coat of icing. They are delicious, and look pretty in a basket of mixed cake.
N. B. They wili be much nicer if the pound cake batter is flavored with the orange juice and grated rind.
Apricot Flowns.— Butter a plain or channelled flown circle, which place either on a baking sheet, or en a tart dish ; line it with trimmings of puff paste or with thin short paste; cut the paste on a level with the rim, ma^k the bottom with a thin layer of sugar, pow­dered ; upon this sugar range halves of peeled, raw apricots, so as to pretty well fill up the hollow; sprinkle over sugar. Bake the flowns in a slow oven for 35 minutes, and serve cold.
Cherry, peach, apple and pear flowns may be prepared according to the same method.
Cream Flown?.—Put into a kitchen basin, 3-4 oz. ofsugar,ades-sert spoonful of flour, add one after another, 4 or 5 eggs. Dilute the preparation with 4 gills of new milk, press it through a sieve, add a morsel of zest, orange, or lemon peel; stir it over the fire for 2 minutes only. Butter a flown mould, line it with trimmings of puff paste; it should be thin. Pour the preparation in the flown, after having removed the zest. Bake it in a very slack oven for 45 min­utes; as soon as the preparation begins to set, cover it with paper; in taking it out, sprinkle it with sugar, withdraw the mould, and serve the flown.