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368                           COOKING FOR INVALIDS,
by boiling in water for a considerable time, then pouring off and mixing with warm milk and sugar to taste; 2 dessert spoonsful will make a pint. If pure, it will nearly all dissolve. The cocoa paste is now very much in use, both as chocolate and cocoa. It is good and the method of preparing it, simple. Stir a large tea spoonful of the paste into a cupful of boiling water. This makes a cupful of nice chocolate, add sugar and milk to taste. A much smaller quantity of the cocoa paste will do, but a sugar pudding of milk is generally used. Cakes or toast is commonly eaten with little chocolate and cocoa.
Honey or Treacle Posset.—Into 1-2 pint of boiling milk, or, milk and water, stir a large spoonful of honey or treacle, let it boil up quickly, then set it aside for the curd to settle, and when it has done so, strain it for use.
Sack Posset.—Beat 12 eggs and strain them ; then put 1-2 pound of lump sugar into a pint of white wine, mix the same with the eggs. Set the whole over a chafing dish and keep it stirred until scalding hot. In the meantime, grate some nutmeg into a quart of milk and heat it; then pour it over the eggs and wine, holding your hand high while doing it, and stiring all the while; then take it off, set it before the fire and it will be ready.
Wine Posset.—Boil a quart of new milk with the crumb of a penny loaf, until the bread is soft; then take it off, grate therein 1-2 nutmeg and some sugar, put it into a basin with a pint of port wine, very gradually, or it will make the curd hard and rough. Serve with toast.
Ale Posset.—Boil a slice of bread in a pint "of new milk; take a bottle of mild ale in «an earthen dish or china bowl; season and sweeten to suit; then pour the boiling milk over it; when the bread rises, serve it.
Milk Thickened.—Boil 1 quart of milk and wet 3 table spoonsful of fine sifted flour, roll it up in a soft smooth paste, and when the milk boils up, stir it in and continue to stir and boil for ten minutes ; add a pinch of salt to the milk, and when done, sweeten it to taste and grate nutmeg over it.
Strengthening Jelly.—One ounce each of rice, sugar, pearl barley ; boil in two quarts of water until reduced to 1-2. Strain in a mould, sweetened and flavored to taste. A tea-cupful night, noon and morning.
Irish Moss to prepare for the Sick.—Soak a scant hand­ful of Irish moss in strong soda water until it swells; then squeeze the moss until it is free from water; put it in a tin bucket which contains 6 pints of pure milk ; set the bucket in a large iron pot which holds several pints of hot water; stir seldom, and let it remain until