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380              DUCHESS of sunderland recipes,
1-2 an hour, then take it out of the warm water and beat it till quite cold; or, you may set the crock in cold water for 10 minutes, still continuing to beat it, until cold, then shake in your flour, lightly stir­ring it with a spoon, then put it in your shapes, which should be greased with clarified butter; 45 minutes is sufficient to beat your batter, 45 minutes to bake it in a moderate oven. I find it better to bake this cake for a full hour. The above quantity will make three shapes.
Cake, Sponge.—A nice way to Serve it.—Fill a tall mould with the batter for sponge cake, and bake ; when you wish to send it to the table, cut out some of the inside, and pour a quantity of white wine into it, then fill up the cake with the cream, and also put cream at the corner of each plate of each guest, when served.
Dutch Cake.—Two lbs. of flour, 1 lb. of currants, washed, dried, and picked, 8 eggs, 4 tablespoonfuls of brewers yeast, 1 oz. of pow­dered sugar, 4 oz. of butter, with one pint of milk ; let it stand 1 hour. Bake 1 hour in a shape.
Ham Cakes.—Cut the remains of a cold ham into small pieces, fat and lean, pound it in a mortar, season it with a little cayenne pepper; add about 1-2 a pound of clarified butter, put it into a mould and bake it for 1 hour. Let it stand till cold, then dip the mould in hot water, and it will turn out nicely. When broken, you will have to put it into another mould, smoother than the first, so on, until finished.
Lemon Cheese Cakes, that will keep for Years.—Have 2 large lemons and rub the rinds with one pound of loaf sugar, so that all the yellow part is removed, place the sugar in a basin, squeeze the juice of the lemon over; then add the yolks of 6 eggs, and beat all well up, and put it in a hot place. Flavor with vanilla, cinnamon, or any other that may be liked, when required for use. It will keep a long time. Line your tartlet pan with puff paste, then mix 1 table-spoonful of the above mixture with a teaspoon of rich new milk, and place a little in each tartlet pan.
Richmond Maids of Honor.—This receipt originated with the maids of honor of Queen Elizabeth, who had a palace at Richmond. Sift half a pound of dry curd; mix it well with 6 oz. of sweet, fresh butter; break the yolks of four eggs in another basin, and a glass of brandy; add to it 6 oz. of powdered lump sugar and beat well to­gether one very mealy baked Irish potato, cold, 1 oz. of sweet almonds, 1 oz. of bitter almonds, pounded, the grated rind of 3 lem­ons. Mix these well together, and add to the curds and butter; stir up well. Line some tartlet pans (previously buttered) with some paste, fill the pans with some of the mixture and bake quick.
Ginger Bread Nuts.—To i lb. of the finest flour, well dredged,