The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Let them boil until a straw would nearly run through them, chang­ing the water to extract the bitter, then take them up and put them on a sieve to drain until quite dry, then put them down in the sauce pan without the handkerchief; let them simmer gently, keeping them constantly turned for 1-2 an hour; let them remain in the syrup all night (in a deep basin) ; next day add the juice of 3 lemons and a little more sugar to the syrup so as to make it the thickness of honey. Give the oranges a little simmer in it again, let them remain in the syrup while you prepare the pulps for filling them, which is as fol­lows : Take one of the oranges already prepared, chop it as fine as possible, take pulp free from seed and core; add to it more than a pound of loaf sugar, first dipping it in cold water, and put it down to boil with the chopped orange, and when sufficiently boiled fill the oranges. When cold put on the tops or pieces cut out tied down with a bit of thread, put into a deep jar, cover them with the syrup, and tie the mouths of the jars over with paper very closely. The sauce pan should not be covered at all during the whole time of preserving the oranges.
To Preserve Pine Apples Whole.—Put them in a sauce pan with as much water as will cover them, and let it just come to a boil, then take them out and put them in the jar they are to be kept in. To every good sized pine apple put near 1 lb. of sugar, (double re­fined) into the water in the sauce pan; let it boil 1-2 hour, skim­ming it very clear, then prick the pines all over with a fork, that the syrup may penetrate, which must be poured upon it in the jar. Boil the syrup every other day for 3 or 4 days, adding sugar each time, till the syrup becomes thick and strong, A middle sized pine takes up 1 1-2 lbs. of sugar. You must use some weight to keep the pines under the syrup. Sliced pine apples are done in the same way.
To Preserve Mogul Plums.—Take 15 lbs. of mogul plums, good and ripe, put them in boiling water, so that the skin may come off without breaking the plums. Have ready 7 lbs. of powdered sugar, and according as you peel the plums, sprinkle the sugar over them, then leave them in it for 12 hours (or over night); then pour off the syrup on 8 lbs. of sugar in your preserving pan, and boil it; when boiling, put in your plums, and take them out again as quick as pos­sible, put them in a basin and pour the syrup hot over them. Let them stand 24 hours, then pour off the syrup as before and boil it; put in the plums as before. This is done 3 different days; the last day pot them. Boil the syrup, as soon as boiled, pour over them and cover closely.
To Green Melons or Vegetables for Preserving.—First scrape the outside of the melon with a bit of glass, so as to remove all the thin white skin, then take out the inside. Then have ready a thin