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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Stewed Bananas.—The bananas sold in American markets are of the Chinese variety, and are nice stewed or fried. To stew them remove the skin, pack in rather a deep dish, sprinkle with sugar and lemon juice—i lemon for 7 bananas; set in a slow oven until they turn pink and are quite tender, without breaking. These are nice for lunch or tea.
Plantain and Bananas are nice baked with their skins on, and just before serving cut open lengthwise and spread with butter; eat hot for breakfast.
Muslin Cake,—Beat well and separately the whites and yolks of 10 eggs, 1 pound of powdered white sugar flavored with lemon ; stir in 1-2 pound of potato flour or potato farina; mix well; bake in a moderate oven.
Cassaver Bread (native West Indian.)—Mrs. K.—Take the grated Yuca root, out of which all the juice has been thoroughly drained, add salt, then roll out in thin, flat, circular, wafer like cakes, very large; bake on a sheet-iron or griddle out of doors; when one side is brown, turn it over and bake the other. The bread should be 1-8 of an inch thick; soak in your coffee and eat it. Use no grease in any way about it. It is excellent.
Tropical Fruits should be eaten in the fore part of the day, otherwise they bring on fevers.
Localities in the Tropics.—Avoid all localities where fresh and salt water mingle. They produce malaria, and when the sun is hot keep in the shade, as you may have sun-stroke or fever.
Morning Drink in the Tropics.—Drink a cup of very strong Java coffee, eat with it a roasted green banana or plantain roasted in a plantain leaf in the ashes.
Bohooka Vine.—(St. Domingo recipe.)—Mrs. Kellogg.—Scrape the bark off this vine and make suds with it and water, and wash your sores with it, arising from the process of acclimatizing, and this will cure the sores and prevent any attack of yellow fever.
Note—These sores 'seem to be an effort of nature to throw off malaria. Those who do not have them take the fever.
Tamarinds.—(St. Domingo recipe.)—Mrs. K.—Shell the beans and put them up in jars with honey or with sugar. Bottle. A few of the beans put in a little water are good for fevers and act on the bowels.
Carrots.—W, I. Mrs. Robach.—Cut up your tender chickens, chop some cranberries, add a teaspoonful of curry powder and stew all together with butter and a little water.
Watermelon.—W. I.—Mrs. Robach.—Take the seed from the melon, then slice and boil in salt and water with sweet potatoes and okra, sliced parsnips ; then dish and pour salad oil over while very hot, and serve at once.