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FOREIGN DISHES.                                      389
Rice and Red Beans.—Miss Chapman, West Indies.—They are boiled together with a cover on the vessel till soft and the water expelled, then take off and allowed to remain until the steam ceases to come off, then poured into a deep dish and seasoned with pep­per, salt and some butter or olive oil; stirred up and then served hot. If liked, cayenne pepper (a little) and the gravy of sweet ba­con may be used. Serve hot.
Note—This is a very popular dish among the West Indies.
Tomoles, Mexican.—Mrs. Stepenson.—Cut the green corn off the cob and grind it to a pulp, put fruit and meat of any kind well minced, whole raisins; season highly with green or red pepper— green the best, chopped—then put it in green shucks or husks, one piece of the tomole in each, tie it up and boil it; serve hot or in a dishes. Tomatoes may be used with the fruit. The green corn shock gives it the delicious flavor. A very small portion of salt to taste should be added before cooking.
Beans.—Boil in clear salt water the beans till soft, drain through a strainer, then pour into another pot of boiling fat, stir, and then serve them hot.
Beans (Spanish.)—Boil your beans till soft with a little port wine ; reason with olive oil.
Chili Cheese.—Chop the chilies and tomatoes very fine, salt to taste ; put a little lard into a pan and make very hot, add chopped onions and fry them, then add the chilies, put in some fresh or stale cheese cut or broken in small pieces and fry till it just becomes soft, but not melted. Serve at once.
To Cook Chicken, the Leg of Pork, Mutton, or Ham.—Take the leg of pork, ham, mutton, or a whole chicken, then with an in­strument make some holes in it; in every hole put in some ham, onions, in slices, black pepper, and some clabber ; put in a pan some vinegar, water and lard. Set it to cook inside the stove and turn over often to bake nicely; then add some more black pepper and clabber to improve the flavor. If you like, add some more pep­per very fine, some vinegar, black pepper, cinnamon. Make it very thick, slice some raw onion, and pour vinegar over, and serve the meat or fowl.
Banana or Plantains Baked for Breakfast.—Split the fruit in two then place them in an oven one over the other, as sweet po­tatoes are baked ; when done, put them in a deep dish, and between each layer put some butter, sprinkle pepper and salt, and serve hot.
Banana Fritters.—Mash with a spoon 3 or 4 large, ripe bana­nas to a perfect pulp, then beat 2 eggs, yolks and whites separately,