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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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REFRESHING DRINKS.                              4O9
Ginger Pop No. 2.—Take 3-4 pound ginger root, crushed; 2 3-4 pounds white sugar, 1-2 ounce tartaric acid, 5 1-2 gallons soft water, whites of 3 eggs, well beaten, 1 gill of yeast, 1 small teaspoonful of lemon oil; boil the ginger root for 12 hours in 1 gallon of the water, strain off and pour the oil in while hot; mix. Make over night; in the morning skim and bottle, keeping out the sediment.
Imperial Pop.—To 1 gallon of water add 1 1-2 pounds of white sugar, 1 ounce ginger, juice of 1 lemon, 3 ounces cream tartar; work it with yeast and bottle it as ginger beer, to which it is similar, except it is more acid and more cooling in its medicinal properties.
Sherbet (domestic.)—Boil in 3 pints of water 6 or 8 stalks of green rhubarb, 4 ounces of raisins or figs; when the water has boiled 1-2 hour strain it, and mix with it 1 teaspoonful of rose-water and orange or lemon syrup to taste. Drink cold.
Lemon Sherbet (King's cup.)—Two lemons sliced, 2 ounces of sugar, 1 pint boiling water; very fine.
California Sherbet.—Rub the yellow rind of 3 lemons with lumps of sugar, squeeze the juice of 6 carefully out, remove the seeds, put the sugar and juice with 1 pound of nice white sugar in 1-2 gallon of water. Beat to a stiff froth the whites of 5 eggs and stir in 2 tablespoonfuls of fine sugar; in them then slowly stir in the lemonade and put it immediately in a patent freezer with salt and ice around the freezer and turn it until frozen as hard as you wish it. This is very delicate, and resembles a dish of snow. Plain freezers will not do for this, as it must be constantly stirred to keep it well mixed.
Shrub (West India.)—Make a syrup of 12 pounds of the best moist sugar, to which add 3 quarts of lime juice and 9 quarts of rum, mixing them well together and fining the liquid with isinglass in the same manner as wine. A few pints of brandy or less rum is a great improvement.
Sherbet.—Pare 12 good, ripe oranges and 4 large, ripe lemons very thin, boil 4 pounds of loaf sugar in a half gallon of water ; mix together the boiling syrup, the rind of the fruit, the juice and 10 pints more of water; strain, bottle and cork tightly.
Watermelon Sherbet. A Bengal recipe.—Cut the melon into halves, let the pulp be worked and mashed with a spoon until it assumes the consistency of thin mush, then put in as much pounded white candy or sugar as may suit your taste ; a wineglassful of fresh * rose-water and 2 wineglasses of sherry. Strain and pour the liquor into a jug and fill your tumblers at pleasure. It is an agreeable summer drink.
Blackberry Sherbet.—Take 2 pounds of the smaller blackberry