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REFRESHING DRINKS.                              4II
California Lemon Water.—To prepare this delightful drink, 3 pieces of lemon thinly pared into a closely covered vessel or teapot, with a very small piece of the rind, and a large spoonful of spiced syrup, put in a pint of boiling water, and let it be stopped closely for 2 hours.
Raspberry Vinegar and Water.—No draught is more agreea­ble to a feverish patient than a dessert spoonful of raspberry vine­gar mixed in a tumblerful of cold water. It should never stand in any metal or glazed vessel, for the acid would act upon their surfaces to an injurious extent.
California Soda Water.—Dissolve a small teaspoonful ot ^car­bonate of soda in a large glass containing a wine glass full of water. Squeeze into it a large lemon or orange, and drink it off while it hisses; if fresh fruit cannot be had, obtain from the druggist citric or tartaric acid, which answer the purpose Dissolve in another glass 1-2 teaspoonful of either of these acids, pour into the soda and drink off instantly. It is a very proper drink in the measles, but the quantity must be reduced according to the age of the child.
Toast Water.—Toast very brown on both sides thin slices of wheat bread, but do not let them burn. Put the toast in a pitcher that has holes at the spout through which to strain it (if you have one) and pour boiling water over it as much as you need. Cover the pitcher and let it stand to cool, then pour it off into a bottle. Made in this way toast water is very wholesome and refreshing, even at table by persons in health as well as invalids. -
Pleasant Drink in Hot Weather.—Take 2 lb. of white sugar, and the juice of 1-2 lemon, 2 oz. tartaric acid, 3 pints of water; boil together five minutes ; when cold, add the whites of 3 eggs, well beaten, with 1-2 cup of flour, and 1-2 oz. of wintergreen; bottle and keep in a cool place. Take 2 tablespoonfuls of this syiup for a tumbler of water, and 1-4 teaspoonful of soda.
Oxyrnkl Simple. (Dr. M.)—2 lbs. clear honey, 2 pints vinegar, pour into a glass vessel or wide-mouthed bottle, set in a vessel of cold water, heat gently and simmer till as thick as syrup. When used add a teaspoonful to a glass of water.
A Nice Drink—May be formed of it with the addition of a little sugar, grated nutmeg and enough of the ''plain mass" and water to suit the taste. Note.—This delicious preparation could be made in this slope, where fruits of the plain kind are so superior and so abundant. Every housekeeper should have it. I found it useful in traveling.
For Summer Drink.—1 lb. of red currants, bruised with some raspberries, (or 1-2 the quantity dried a la Alden, and softened in a very little cold water) 1-2 lb. of sugar added to 1 gallon of cold