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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Portable Lemonade, convenient on voyages and traveling in the country.—Take 3 oz. of refined sugar; tartaric acid 1-2 oz., essence of lemon 1 dram. Pound the sugar and tartaric acid well in a smooth mortar, gradually pouring in the essence upon the mix­ture. Mix the whole very well and divide it off for use and put in 12 separate parcels; take one, when needed, and mix with a tumbler of water; it will make a pleasant and refreshing drink.
Lemonade or Orangeade.—Squeeze the juice, pour boiling wa­ter on a little of the peel and cover close. Boil water and sugar to a thin syrup and strain it. When all are cold, mix the juice, the in­fusion, and the syrup with as much river water as will make a rich sherbet, strain through a flannel or linen bag, or squeeze the juice and strain it.
Mock Lemonadea Substitute.—1-2 lb. sugar, tartaric acid 1-2 oz., four or five drops on the sugar; boiling water 3 pints. Let it get cold and bottle tightly. It is a wholesome, cooling summer drink.
Orgeat.—Boil a quart of new milk with a stick of cinnamon, sweeten to taste and let it grow cold; then pour in it by degrees 3 oz. of sweet almonds, and 20 of bitter, that have been blanched and beaten to a paste, with a little water to prevent oiling; boil all together, and stir till cold, then add 1-2 glass of brandy.
Orange or Lemon Drinks.—Squeeze the juice of 4 oranges or lemons, rinse the pulp and rind in boiling water, simmer another 1-2 pint of water, with 10 lumps of sugar till thoroughly dissolved and mixed; when all are cold mix them all together, strain through flan­nel or muslin.
Orangeade and Arrow Root.—Make this drink as you would lemonade, taking the whole of an orange, with a little of the peel, sweetening to taste with sugar candy, adding a thickening made of one teaspoonful of arrowroot stirred in a little cold water, and poured into the boiling water, when you put in the juice of the orange. The arrowroot is a great improvement.
Orangeade for Invalids.—Make it as lemonade, using the whole of an orange, with the small piece of the rind, sweeten with loaf sugar, then stir a teaspoonful of arrowroot in a little cold water, then pour it into the boiling water at the same time you add the orange. The arrowroot is a great improvement.
Cooling Lemonade.—Split 2 moist dried figs in two, then drop them into 2 pints of water boiling in a sauce pan, boil for fifteen minutes, then take the peel of a lemon, with half the lemon cut in thin slices, put into the pan and boil a minute or two longer, then pour all into a pitcher and cover it closely till cool, then strain it and add a small spoonful of honey, and it is ready to serve.