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414                               REFRESHING DRINKS.
Lemonade.—The juice of lemon 4 oz., lemon peel one-half oz., white sugar 4 oz., boiling water three pints; let stand till cold, then strain, a little sweet spirits of nitre may be added ; diluted if wished. Suit the taste of th<? patient. Excellent drink for the kidneys.
Lemonade, Italian.—Pare and press 2 dozen lemons, pour the juice on the peels and let it remain on them all night; in the morning add 2 lb. of loaf sugar, 1 quart of good sherry, and 3 quarts of boiling water. Mix well, add a quart of boiling milk, and strain through a jelly bag till clear.
Sour Sup.—A West Indian fruit of a tree of the same as the cus­tard apple, which grows in the West Indies. It is a large fruit, often weighing 2 or 3 lbs., the pulp of which is white and succulent, sweet with an agreeable acidity. It is pleasant and refreshing, and a drink of the pulp cut up in ice water is as refreshing, as delicious, and equal if not superior to lemonade.
Flax Seed Tea.—Boil 2 tablespoonfuls of flax seeds in 3 pints of water till reduced to 1 pint, then strain off. It may be sweetened with honey or liquorice, and made acid with vinegar or squeezing into it a little lemon juice. It is best to tie the seeds up in a bag, put it into a teapot, add boiling water, let it steep by a fire or on a stove for a while and then set it away to cool.
Various Sorts of Tea.—Tea made of balm, mint, sage or cow­slip is often found refreshing. Balm tea is most cooling, mint the most soothing to the bowels, sage or marigold the most reviving, and cowslip has rather a composing tendency. To have them nice, they should be made of fresh herbs and often.
Dr. Huffland's Drink for Fevkr Patients, or Excessive Thirst.—Boil till dissolved in 3 quarts of water, 1-2 oz. of cream of tartar. Remove from the fire, then add a sour orange sliced, adding from 1 1-2 to 3 oz. of white sugar, according to the taste of the pa­tient ; bottle closely and keep in a cool dry place. It is a most healthful drink.
Drink for Fever.—Boil 3 oz. of currants and 2 oz. of raisins, carefully stoned, and 1 1-2 oz. of tamarinds in 3 pints of water till it is reduced to a quart; strain it, add a piece of lemon peel and let it stand for an hour, when it is fit for use.
Fever Drink.—Very nice.—Boil together 2 oz. stoned raisins, 3 oz. cranberries, 1 1-2 oz. of tamarinds, in 3 pints of water till re­duced to 2 pints. Strain and add a piece of fresh lemon peel and let it remain for 30 minutes then take it out.
Fever Draught.—Put into a jar a few sprigs of balm, fennel and sage cleanly washed. Slice the pulp of a lemon, grate in a little of the peel, pour over it 3 pints of boiling water, and cork it tight for use.