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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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South Hampton Port.—To British port add 1-2 pint of brandy and i dr. of powdered kino.
British Sherry. (C. P. B.)—Grape or raisin wine slightly flavored with a very little bitter almond cake, or, what is more convenient, a little of the essential oil, dissolved in alcohol (essence of bitter al­monds). 2. To the last add a minute quantitity of sweet briar, eau de fleurs d'oranges, oroaris, to give it a slight bouquet. 3. To each gallon of strong raisin must, add, when racking, 1 Seville orange and 2 bitter almonds, both sliced. By omitting the almonds and adding 2 or 3 green citrons to each 10 gallons, this forms the British Ma­deira wine.
California Grape Wine.—Mash the grapes to form a pulp with­out breaking the seeds, squeeze out the juice and strain it through a sieve; pour over the husks or mash a small quantity of water, let it stand 24 hours and force out the adhering juice. Having done this, add to every gallon of the juice 3 lbs. of lump sugar. Suffer the liquor to ferment and observe the rules pointed out for making goose­berry wines.
California Tokay.—Pick carefully from the stalks the finest and perfectly ripe California grapes, put them in a vessel and mash them with your hands ; pour the pulp and juice into a large hair sieve, placed over a large deep pan or clean tub ; press and squeeze out all the juice. To every quart of juice allow 1 pound of Califor­nia raisins, chopped small after seeding them. Let the juice and raisins stand 12 days, stirring them several times a day; then strain the liquor through a flannel bag into a cask, but do not stop it closely for 3 or 4 days. In 8 months draw it off and bottle it. If it con­tains any sediment, pour out a pint of the wine and mix with it an ounce of powdered gum arabic, or 1-2 oz. of isinglass, shaved fine ; let it set in a warm place, and when dissolved, add in an ounce of powdered chalk. This will be enough to settle 1 barrel of wine. It should be lightly stirred to mix it with the rest. After standing 3 or 4 days, then bottle and cork tightly.
Scuppernong Wine.—Wash and mash scuppernong grapes and to every gallon add a pint of boiling water; next morning strain them through a coarse cloth and to every gallon of juice put 3 lbs. of crushed sugar. After it has well dissolved, put it in a demijohn, tie a cloth over the top and put it where it will not be disturbed for 6 weeks; never let it be shaken. Bottle and cork as soon as the wine is ready; in 5 weeks,if good, bottle it. This is a recipe for home­made scuppernong. On Roanoke Island, where the grape is in its native soil, it is made of the pure juice with a little burnt sugar to color it, and sometimes brandy is added by particular request. Clarkt Cup.—One bottle of claret, 1 bottle of soda water, 4