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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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days, then draw off, strain and bottle it. In a few days it will be fit
for use.
Ginger Beer No. 3.—Take 1 pound of hops and 1 pound of ginger root, put them in 5 gallons of water and boil for 1 hour; strain off the liquor, add 5 gallons of cold water, squeeze the mass of hops and ginger and add them to the former; add 3 pints of molasses and boil with continual stirring until you observe a blue fog or vapor, then slowly add 2 quarts of cold water, stirring constantly, then add 7 gallons of cold water, 6 quarts and 1 pint of molasses and 2 quarts of spirits of any kind (except gin), put in 3 quarts of baker's or distiller's yeast; the beer should not be more than blood warm when the yeast is added. Be particular to have a sweet, clean cask; allow it to ferment, and when done working bung it up tight. It will be ready for use in 30 hours.
Ginger Beer for Summer.—To 1 gallon of boiling water put 1 pound of loaf sugar, 1 ounce of best ginger root bruised and cream of tartar or sliced lemon. Stir it all until the sugar is dissolved, let it stand till milk warm, then add 1 tablespoonful of good hop yeast poured over a slice of cold loaf bread, and allow it to float on the surface and stand 23 hours, well covered; then strain it and fill the clean bottles 3-4 full; cork with good corks and tie over. It will be fit for use in 2 days, and is a refreshing and healthy drink.
Cheap Family Beer.—Take a cask holding 24 gallons, 8 pounds of common brown sugar, 2 pounds of hops, 3 quarts of bran ; to be boiled 1 1-2 hours in 24 gallons of water. Draw it off from the boiler and put into the cask; when cold stop it closely, and in one week it will be fit for use.
Philadelphia Beer.—Take to pounds of brown sugar, 15 gal­lons of water, 3-4 pound pounded ginger, 1-8 lb cream of tartar, 1 1-2 ounce carbonate of soda, 1-2 teaspoonful oil of lemon mixed in a little alcohol; whites of 5 eggs well beaten, 1 ounce of hops, 1 quart yeast. The ginger root and hops ought to boil 20 or 30 min­utes in enough water to make all milk warm, then strain into the rest and the yeast added, and allowed to work itself clear as the cider and bottled for use.
Cream Beer.—To 2 quarts of water add 6 pounds of double-refined sugar, 4 ounces tartaric acid; put it on the fire, beat 2 whites of eggs to a solid froth, and when the mixture is just warm add the eggs. It should not come to a boil. Strain through muslin without squeezing; flavor with lemon. Bottle and keep in a cool place. Fill 2-3 of a tumbler with water and add 2 table-spoonfuls of the syrup, and when about to drink stir in 1-2 tea-spoonful of soda.
Beer—To cure when ropy.—Put a handful or two each of flour