The American Pictorial Home Book
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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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man seed, 2 oz. dried blackberries, 6 oz. sugar; put in a bottle after steeping, pour off into another bottle, and refill with fresh brandy, and let steep again. Valuable.
Usquebaugh or Irish Cordial.—2 quarts of whiskey, without a smoky taste, or the best brandy; put in 1 lb. of stewed raisins, 1-2 oz. of nutmeg, 1-4 oz. cloves, the same quantity of cardomans, all crushed in a mortar; the rind of a large, ripe and juicy orange, rubbed off on lumps of sugar; the juice, a little tincture of saffron, and 1-2 lb. of brown sugar candy. Shake the infusion every day for 2 weeks, and filter for use. It is sometimes tinged to a fine green with the juice of spinage.
Whiskey Cordial.—Take 1 lb. of ripe white currants, the rind of a lemon, 1-4 oz. of grated ginger, 1 quart of whiskey, 1 lb. of burnt sugar; strip the currants from the stalks, put them in a large jug, add the lemon rind, ginger and whiskey, cover the jug closely and let it remain covered for 24 hours; strain through a hair sieve ; add the burnt sugar and let it stand 12 hours longer; then bottle and cork well.
Ginger Cordial.—Allow one drachm of the essence of ginger to two gallons of spirits ; it will be improved if two or three drops each of essence of lemon and orange peel be added with about one table-spoonful of essence of cardomans, to each gallon of the spirits. If a dark color is desired, color with burnt sugar, allowing 1 1-2 lbs. to each gallon.
Lemon Cordial.—Steep 2 oz. each of fresh and dried lemon peel, 1 oz. of fresh orange peel, in 1 gallon of spirits for six or seven days, then express by straining, add 4 quarts of soft clear water to bring it to the required strength; then add 3 lbs. of sugar to each gallon; to the above ingredients some persons add a little orange flower water to improve it.
Lemon Cordial.—Cut 6 fresh lemons and put into three pints of milk, boil them until the whey is very clear, then pass it through a sieve. Put to the whey 3 pints of French brandy and 3 lbs of clari­fied sugar; stir it until the sugar it dissolved ; let it stand to refine, then put some chips of lemon peel cut thin in bottles, and fill with the cordial. This keeps well and is very nice.
Maccaroni Cordial.—Steep for 15 days in 9 pints of brandy, 1 lb. of bitter almonds, with Spanish Angelica root, beaten together, shaking the vessel often ; at the end of that time put the-whole into a cucubite, and distil it in a water bath; 5 pints thus impregnated with the flavor of the almonds, and angelica, make a syrup with 5 lbs. of sugar, 2 quarts of water from a thousand • flowers, and 3 quarts of common distilled water, when this is mixed with the spirits, add 30 drops of the essence of lemon, after which, filter through blotting paper.