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CORDIALS.                                        439
Muscadine Cordial.—Mash the muscadines to a pulp, let them stand for a day and night, strain the mass through a strong muslin bag, allow 1-4 of brandy to 3-4 of the juice; sweeten with refined sugar to taste; bottle and cork closely, and keep it in a cool dry place.                                                                                            f
Orange Cordial.—A Simple Way.—Fill an air tight jar with orange peel, then pour in some of the best whiskey. After several weeks, make a syrup, and add the whiskey which should be strained off; use when required. An excellent tonic and stomachic.
Blackberry Cordial.—Take very ripe berries, and crush them with the hand to a perfect pulp, put them in a kettle, and let them simmer for 3 or 4 hours, keeping the vessel covered and stirring fre­quently; add a few cloves and a tablespoonful each of allspice, cin­namon, and some mace, all powdered; strain after boiling, and set away to cool; allow and mix 1-4 of good French brandy to 3-4 of juice. Sweeten with loaf sugar to taste.
Blackberry Cordial.—Mrs. H's. Recipe.—Put very ripe berries in a jar, cover them with peach brandy, cover with an oil cloth and let it stand a week; strain the brandy from the fruit; put in a kettle a pound of crushed sugar for every quart, add one teaspoon-ful each of unpounded cinnamon, allspice, cloves, and some mace and nutmeg. Pour on the sugar as much of the liquor as will dis­solve it; as soon as*it boils up, pour in the rest of the liquor, mix well, and bottle.
Blackberry Cordial.—Our Own—1 quart of blackberry juice, 1 tablespoonful each of cinnamon, allspice, cloves; 1 lb. of white sugar, 1 pint of brandy. Boil 1-4 hour; and bottle it hot.
Blackberry Cordial.—1 quart of blackberry juice, 1 lb. of white sugar, 1 tablespoonful each of cloves, allspice and cinnamon, 1 pint of brandy, 1 grated nutmeg; boil it 15 minutes, and bottle it hot.
Blackberry Wine Cordial.—This is not only a delightful sum­mer drink, but is good for all diseases of the bowels. Take 2 pecks of nice plump running blackberries, and mash them well, then add, well beaten, 4 oz. of allspice, 2 oz. each of cinnamon and cloves; put them all into a poicelain-lined boiler, and boil gently until done; strain through a flannel bag, and to each pint of the fluid allow one pound of loaf sugar, then boil again till clear, remove from the fire, and when cooling ad£ 2 quarts of the best French brandy. Dose for a child, 1 teaspoonful, more or less, according to age; adults, 1 tablespoonful.
Blackberry Cordial.—Contributed.—1 gal. juice, 4 lbs. sugar, cinnamon and cloves, a good supply; boil all together, set off to cool; when cold, put in a quart of brandy or rum. Then bottle it off, putting spices into each bottle.