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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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440                                     CORDIALS.
Blackberry Cordial.—Mash and strain the berries, put on the juice to boil,-skim it well, and to every gal. juice put 3 lbs. sugar, and 1 quart spirits; bruise some cloves and put in when cool. Bot­tle,
Blackberry Cordial.—To 1 gallon blackberry juice, add 4 lbs. of whit§ sugar, boil and skim off, then add 4 oz. each of cloves and cinnamon, 10 grated nutmegs, and boil down till quite rich, then let it cool and settle; afterwards draw off, and add 1 pint of brandy or whiskey.
Raspberry Vinegar Cordial.—Infuse in two quarts of good white wine 4 lbs. of not over ripe red raspberries, for 24 hours; strain off the liquor, clearing through a cloth, being careful not to bruise the berries; add to the vinegar 4 lbs. more of raspberries, steep them 24 hours and strain off the liquor clear, allow 1 1-2 lbs. of white, rich sugar, put into a stone jar and cover over with a towel, set it into a saucepan of water to simmer till the sugar is melted ; when cold put into small bottles, cork well and it will keep a long time; excellent to eat with sweet sauces, in water and sugar to abate thirst; should be drank at once, as it becomes flat.
Strawberry Cordial.—Stew ripe strawberries 20 minutes and squeeze them through a linen bag; to each quart of juice put 1 lb. of sugar, 1 pint of white brandy; put it in a demijohn to stand two weeks, then filter it through coarse muslin, or fine seive and bottle it.
Virginia Strawberry Cordial.—One quart of strawberries or whatever fruit you fancy, 1 pint of brandy, sweeten like syrup, let remain some days, then strain and bottle.
Coriander Cordial.—One lb. of coriander seed, 1 oz. caroways, and the peel and juice, 1 orange to every 8 gal. proof spirit.
Cordial for Dysentery and Diarrhea.—One dram rhubarb, 1 teaspoonful of saleratus, steeped in two cups of boiling water; take a teaspoonful every 1-4 hour until the disease is checked.
Cherry Cordial.—Allow 2 lbs. of loaf sugar to every gallon of the boiled and skimmed juice of the cherry ; pour a little water over the sugar to melt it, in a kettle ; when it comes to a boil strain it to the juice, stir it, allow 1-2 pint spirits to this quantity; when cold bottle closely.
Cinnamon Cordial.—One drachm of oil of cinnamon to 2 or 3 gallons of spirits, 2 or 3 drops of essence of lemon and orange peel will improve it; some add to the above quantity 1 drachm of cardamon seeds and one ounce each of dried orange and lemon peel; one oz. of oil of cassia is considered to be equal to 8 pounds of buds or barks ; if wanted dark color with burnt sugar; allow 1 1-2 pounds to the gallon; instead of cinnamon some persons either use the essential oil or bark of cassia.