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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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Eau de Barbades — Citonelle. — Fresh orange peel 2 oz.; fresh lemon peel, 4 oz.; cloves, 1-2 drachm ; corianders and cin­namon of each 1 drachm ; proof spirits, 4 pints; digest for ten days, then add water 1 quart and distil 1-2 gallon; to the rectified cordial add white sugar 2 pounds.
Egg Cordial.—A teaspoonful of cream, the white of a very fresh egg, and a teaspoonful of brandy; whip first the egg to* nearly a froth, then the cream with the egg ; add the brandy by degrees and mix well; do not let it stand after it is made ; this is very nourish­ing, and so light it will remain in the stomach when nothing else will; a valuable cordial for weak lungs.
Blackberry Brandy. — U. S. Sanitary Commission Recipes.— Eleven quarts of blackberries, make 1 gallon of juice; to 1 gallon of juice, add 4 pounds of white sugar, boil and skim it, add 1 oz. of cloves, 1 oz. of cinnamon, 10 grated nutmegs, boil again, when cold, add 1 pint of the best whisky or brandy.
To Test Good Brandy.—The strength of brandy may be deter­mined by olive oil or tallow, both of which will sink in good brandy.
Irish Whisky—Dr. Flobereau.—First, 1 gallon brandy, 1 pound stoned raisins, cinnamon, cloves, nutmegs, cardamons, each 1 oz , crushed in a mortar, saffron 1-2 oz., rind of California orange and sugar candy. Shake these well; fourteen days afterward fine for use.
Lemon Brandy.—1 pint of good brandy, the rind of two small lemons, 2 oz. of loaf sugar, 1-4 pint of water; peel the lemons rather thin, taking care to have none of the white pith; put the rinds into a bottle with the brandy and let them steep for 24 hours ; strain them; boil the sugar with the water for a few minutes, skim it, and, when cold, add it to the brandy; a desert spoonful will be found an excellent flavoring for boiled custards.
Orange Brandy.—To every 1-2 gallon of brandy allow 3.4 pint of California orange juice, 1 1-2 pounds of loaf sugar. To fully develop the flavor of the orange peel, rub a few lumps of the sugar on two or three unpared oranges, and put these lumps aside. Mix the brandy with the orange juice, strained, the rinds of six of the oranges pared thin and the sugar. Let all stand in a closely covered jar for three days, stirring it three or four times a day. When clear it should be bottled and corked closely for a year; it will then be ready for use and will keep for any length of time. This is a most excellent stomachic, when given in small quantities; as the strength of the brandy is very little deteriorated by the other ingre­dients, it may be diluted with water.
Black Cherry Brandy.—To 4 pounds of stoned black cherries