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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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add 3 quarts of brandy; bruise the stones and add them to the mixture; infuse for a month; filter and add the flavoring ingre­dients and syrup as directed (cinnamon and cloves) to taste. Liquors flavored with the kernels of fruits should not be sweet. A weaker decoction may be obtained by pouring more spirits in the fruit. Some persons object to all perfumes in compounds of this kind.
Morillo Cherry Brandy.—Pick morillo or black cherries from the stalks and drop them into bottles till the bottles are three-fourths full, fill up with brandy or whisky. In three weeks strain off the spirits and season with cinnamon and clove mixture, as in the rasp­berry brandy, adding syrup to taste. Ratafia in liquors seasoned with kernels of fruits should be rich, but not sweet.
Common Ratafia.—Take i oz. of pounded nutmegs, 1-2 pound of almonds, scalded, skinned and chopped, and 1 grain of amber­gris well rubbed with sugar in a mortar. Infuse in 2 quarts of proof spirits for a fortnight and filter.
Eau de Vie.—Thinly pare 7 large oranges or lemons, or part of each; dissolve and clear 6 oz. of double-refined sugar in half a pint of pure water; this should be done in a silver or glass vessel. When quite clear add to it 1-4 pint of milk, warm from the cow ; if that cannot be obtained rich new milk restored to that degree of warmth; then put into an earthen vessel or large bottle the rind, syrup and milk, with a quart of old rum or French brandy. Per­fumes may be used if desired.
Almond and Raspberry IcES-Blanch, peel and pound 1-2 lb. of sweet almonds and 1-2 oz. bitter almonds: boil 3 pints of double cream; when cool add 1-2 lb. of pounded sugar and 12 yolks of eggs, stir over the fire without boiling until the egg thickens ; add the pounded almonds and 1 tablespoonful of cherry brandy, and strain the whole through a tammy cloth into a basin. Mix 1 quart of raspberry juice and 1 quart of hot syrup, and strain through a silk sieve. Set 2 freezing pots in the ice, put the almond cream in 1 pot and the raspberry syrup in another; freeze and work the ices, draw the water out of the pails, replenish them with fresh ice and bay salt, close the freezing pots and cover them wiith ice and put a wet cloth on the top: pile the ices up on a napkin on a dish in reg­ular layers, mingling the colors, and serve.
Burnt Almond and Orange Ice.—Chop 2 ounces of blanched almonds, melt 2 tablespoonfuls of pounded sugar in a sugar boiler, add the chopped almonds and stir over the fire until they assume a