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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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red-brown color, and spread- them on a baking sheet; boil i 1-2 pints of double cream; put 6 yolks of eggs in a stew pan with 1-4 pound of pounded sugar, add the boiled cream and stir over the fire until the eggs thickens ; pound the burnt almonds in a mortar, add them to the cream and strain the whole through a tammy cloth into a basin. Mix 1 pint of orange juice with 1 pint of syrup in which some orange peel has been steeping, and strain through a silk sieve. Squeeze the ices and mould them together, as described for strawberry cream.
Iced Champagne Granite with Strawberries.—Set a freezing pot in some pounded ice and bag salt, pour 1 quart of warm syrup and 2 bottles of champagne, let it freeze to icicles, and add 1 lb. of picked strawberries, and serve the granite in glasses.
N. B. The above quantity is calculated for twenty-two or twenty-four persons.
Iced Lemon Granite.—Set a freezing pot in the ice and pour in 3 pints of syrup and 1 gill of filtered lemon juice ; freeze it into icicles and and serve the granite in glasses.
Iced Orange Granite.—Remove the peel of 6 oranges, cut them into quarters, removing all the white skin and pips; put the pieces of orange in a basin with 3 pints of syrup, let them steep 2 hours, then drain them and strain the syrup through a silk sieve into a freezing-pot ; set in ice. When the syrup is frozen to icicles put in the pieces of orange, cover the freezing pot for 20 minutes, and serve the granite in glasses.
Parfait au Coffee.—Roast 1-2 pound of coffee in a copper pan, boil 3 pints of double cream, put the coffee in it, cover the stew pan and let the coffee steep for 1 hour. Put 12 yolks of eggs in a stew pan with 1-2 pound of pounded sugar, strain the cream, add it to the eggs in the stew pan, stir over the fire with­out boiling until it thickens, and strain through a tammy cloth. Set in a freezing pot and parboil, mould in some pounded ice and bag salt, put the cream in the freezing pot and work it with the spatula. When the cream is partly frozen add 1-2 gill of syrup. Continue working the cream, and when the syrup is well mixed add another 1-2 gill of syrup and 1 quart of well-whipped cream. Fill the mould with the iced cream, close it hermetri-cally and imbibe it in the ice for 2 hours. Turn the parfait out of the mould on a napkin on a dish and serve*
Coffee Ice.—Take strong and clear coffee, sweeten it well with loaf sugar and allow to 2-3 coffee 1-3 cream. Freeze as any other cream.
To Clarify Sugar or Syrup for Fruit and Iced Drinks.— Allow 1-2 pint of water and 1-2 white of an egg to 1 lb. of sugar.