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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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an ordinary pitcher filled with ice water, making it deep enough to rest on the table. Put over the top a circular cover made in the same way as the cylinder. This will keep boiling water hot as well as ice water cold, since it excludes the air from either.
Matchless Freezing Preparation.—Common sal ammoniac well pulverized, i part, saltpetre, 2 parts; mix well together, then take common soda well pulverized. To use : Take equal parts of this preparation (which must be kept separate and well covered previous to using), and then put into the freezing-pot; add of water a proper quantity and put in the article to be frozen in a proper vessel, cover up and your wants are supplied.
Note—For freezing cream or wines this cannot be beaten.
Lemon and Fruit Ices,—J. C.—Add the whites of 6 eggs beaten to a solid froth to 1 quart of rich lemonade. Freeze it. Straining and sweetening any kind of fruit juice before putting in the egg-, will do.
Iced Apples.—Pare and core 1 dozen large apples, fill with su­gar, very little butter and cinnamon, bake till nearly done, let them cool, and if you can, without breaking, put on another dish; if not, pour off the juice, having some icing prepared ; lay on top and side and set it into the oven a minute or two to brown slightly. Serve with cream.
Ice for keeping Fruits and Vegetables.—The field.—Lay the fruit upon cotton in any kind of tin box without being particular as to order. Then simply place the box on the ice, but do not sur­round it with the ice. Even dead ripe fruit may be kept in this way for more than a month, but in this case the tin boxes should be shal­low, with a piece of cotton between the fruit, leaving them other­wise uncovered. They should be used as soon as taken from the ice. Melons will keep for weeks in this way, or in an ice house. I have eaten them after being kept for 6 weeks by simply putting them in an ice house. Cucumbers will keep a long time by putting them in tin boxes, as the fruit.
Manner of FReezing Fruit Water.—Put the freezing can into a pail containing pounded ice, upon which is sprinkled saltpetre or common salt, then surround the can with pounded ice and saltpetre or common salt nearly to the top. Wipe the cover and edges of the can, pour in the .preparation and close the lid, wait 15 minutes and then begin turning the freezing pot from right to left; when the mixture begins to freeze around the sides of the pot, stir it about with a wooden spoon, that the congealation may be equal, close the lid again and continue to work from right to left, as before, and from time to time remove the ice from the sides to equalize it; and it should remain on the ice till wanted for the table.