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464            *                        The dairy.
rich cheese grated. Wash the maccaroni and boil it in salt and water until quite tender; drain it, and put it in rather a deep dish; have ready a pint of good brown gravy, pour it hot over the mac­caroni and send it to table with grated cheese served in a separate dish. When the flavor is liked, a little pounded mace may be added to the water in which the macaroni is boiled, but this must alwys be sparingly added, as it will impart a strong flavor. One and one-half to 1 3-4 hour to boil the macca­roni. Seasonable at any time.
Toasted Cheese or Welsh rare bit.—Slices of bread and but­ter, rich cheese, mustard and pepper. Cut the bread in thin slices about 1-2 inch thick and pare off the crust; toast the bread slightly without hardening or burning it, and spread it with butter; cut some slices not quite so large as the bread from a good, rich, fat cheese; lay them on the toasted bread in a cheese-toaster; be careful that the cheese does not burn, and let it be equally melted. Spread over the top a little made mustard and a seasoning of pepper and serve very hot with very hot plates. To facilitate the melting of the cheese, it may be cut into thin flakes or toasted on one side before it is laid on the bread. As it is so essential to^send this dish hot to the table it is a good plan to melt the cheese in small, round silver or metal pans, and to send these pans to table, allowing one for each guest; slices of dry or buttered toast should always accompany them, with mustard, pepper and salt. Five minutes to melt the cheese. Allow a slice to each person. Seasonable at all times.
N. B. Should the cheese be dry, a little butter mixed with it will be an improvement.
Toasted Cheese or Scotch Rare bit.—A few slices jof cheese, toast, mustard and pepper. Cut some nice rich, sound cheese into rather thin slices, melt it in a cheese toaster on a hot plate or over steam, and when melted, add a small quantity of mixed mustard and a seasoning of pepper. Stir the cheese until it is completely dissolved, then brown it before the fire or with a sala­mander. Fill the bottom of the cheese-toaster with hot water and serve with dry or buttered toasts, whichever may be preferred. A small quantity of porter or port wine is sometimes mixed with the cheese, and if it be not very rich, a few pieces of butter may be mixed with great advantage. Sometimes the melted cheese is spread on toasts, and then laid on the cheese dish at the top of the hot water. Whichever way it is served it is highly necessary that the mixture be very hot and very quickly sent to table, or it will be worthless. Five minutes to melt the cheese. Allow a slice for each person. Seasonable at any time.
Cheese Cakes.—Turn a gallon of sweet milk with some fresh