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4? 2                                        FRUITS.
How to Relieve Hogs of Lice.—Take 3 or 4 copper cents and nail them to the bottom of the trough in which you feed them, and the lice will leave.
Lice on Cattle.—An immediate and valuable remedy for lice on cows and other cattle, and likewise for pigs, is to wash the affected parts in potato- water or water in which potatoes have been boiled. One application will do.
Kidney Worm Paralysis in Swine (Tautun Karoral).—With a light piece of board, strike the hog several times across the small part of the back, several times a day. It has never, it is said, failed.
Sulphur.—Mixed with salt, and given to cattle, sheep, horses and hogs, will keep ticks from them. Also put sulphur in the food of fowls, and they will not be troubled with lice.
Hog Cholera and Burnt Corn.—It is said by a farmer that burnt corn will cure hog cholera.
Sore Throat in Swine.—This is a swelling of the glands of the throat attended by wheezing, and general weakness of the animal. Indigo is useful for it, a piece as large as a hickory nut mashed up in water and poured down. Once is generally sufficient.
To Keep Swine Healthy.—Mix with their food daily, wood charcoal.
The Apple.—No fruit is more universally used and popular, than the apple. When peeled, cored and well cooked, it is a most grate­ful food for the dyspeptic. The best of cider is made from it, and many sorts are used for the table in a cooked or raw state. It forms the most important article of food in the shape of pies, puddings, wholesome and delicious jellies, sauces, marmalades and sweetmeats, and can be used with flour or corn meal for making bread. It can be dried or put away in its natural state for wrinter use, for pies, dumplings, and many other things, and is considered, when roasted, very strengthening to a weak stomach, It grows in all temperate climates, It is often mentioned in the Bible ; and by Homer, as a valuable fruit in his time.
The Various Uses of the Lemon and its Fruit.—It is a native of Asia, and there it grows to the heighth of 60 feet. Not only the fruit, but the whole tree is valuable as medicine. Whether in health or not, lemonade is the safest and best drink for any person. The shortest way to make it, is to squeeze the juice in cold water, or to slice and soak it in cold water, or boil the slices, either way is good. It is suitable to all stomach diseases, is excellent in cases of jaun­dice, liver complaints, inflamation of the bowels, stomach diseases