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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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If pickles are required at a short notice, they should be parboiled in a very strong brine of salt and water, but the color is not good, and the brittleness is injured. It is an easy way, more wholesome, and by many esteemed the most profitable.
Garlic, in any quantity that you may desire, may be peeled, sliced, and laid in brine for three days, of salt and water, then put in the sun to dry to be ready when wanted. Long peppers may be prepared in the same way.
The Length of Time, which Garden Seeds Retain their Vi­tality.—Parsnips, rhubarb, or any thin, scaly seeds—i year. Bal, basil, beans, codroons, carrot, cress, Indian cress, lavender, leeks, okra, onions, peas, pepper, rampion, sage, salsify, savoy, scerzancra, thyme, tomato, wormwood, and small herbs—2 years. Artichokes, asparagus, corn, salad, eggplant, endive, Indian corn, lettuce, mari­gold, marjoram, mustard, parsley rosemary, spinach, tansy, borage, borecole, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, radish, sea kale, tar-ragan, turnip—3 years. Beet, celery, cherville, cucumber, dill, fen­nel, hyssop, melon, pumpkin, sorrel, squash—5, 8 or 10 years.
The best evergreen hedge plant for protecting grapes and dwarf pear trees, is the American arbor vitae.
A Timely Hint.—In transplanting tomato, cabbage and tobacco plants, prepare a vessel of manure water and thicken to the stiffness of mush by stirring in rich garden mould; dip the root of the plant in this paste before setting it in the ground, press the earth firmly round the root and sprinkle with manure water.
Clay Soils need lime, ashes and light composts, such as contain straw and partially decayed cornstalks. Black, moist soils being cultivated, are generally exhausted of lime and silex. They need composts, containing sand and lime in the form of plaster, slaked lime or super phosphate. Light sandy soils need well worked com­posts containing a large share of muck and manure. .It should cover the ground 4 inches deep.
Pruning a Sucker Tomato.—Pinching out the shoots, except the 4 main branches, will improve the size and increase the number of the fruit. These main branches had better be fastened to stakes, or laid on the ground.
The Elder Bush or leaves, if scattered on cabbage, cucumber, or any vines, vegetables, or fruit trees, will cause the insects to leave and will drive off the potato bug also.
Dill among Cabbage.—It is said, that dill, if planted among cab­bages, will drive away insects and worms that are destructive to them.