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A reference manual of household management in Victorian times.

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fore the dry season sets in. They have them the year round, and are as sweet as honey. The names would be too tedious to mention, as they are so numerous as well as the kinds. Only culti­vate them in California in the manner of those warm states, and they will succeed as well as there. Keep them free from grass and weeds; hoe often.
Radish.—Long scarlet short top, early deep scarlet, olive shaped Chinese winter, half long scarlet, the best; long salmon, black Spanish, white Spanish, early demi long rose, yellow summer turnip, white summer turnip, early scarlet turnip, rooted ; French break­fast. Sow in the best sandy loam in drills from six to twelve inches apart, and thin the plant three or four inches apart in the row, according to the kind. Sow twice a month for a succession of crops. Sand keeps the roots free from the destroying worm.
Rhubarb.—Linneas, Giant and Mitchel's Royal Albert. The soil should be deep and cannot be too rich. Make a bed and sow the seed i inch deep in drills 18 inches apart; when large enough thin the plants to 8 inches apart in the row. After a year dig trenches 2 feet deep and manure plentifully, then take up the plants and set them in the trenches 3 feet apart each way; manure liberally each season.                                                                        ,
Salsify or Oyster Vegetable.—Long white. In hills 1 foot apart, 1 inch deep ; thin to 6 or 8 inches apart in the row. The soil should be rich and light.
Sage.—Make a bed and sow in drills 1 foot apart, 1-2 inch deep; thin the plant to equal distances in each row.
Savory.—Summer and winter. Cultivate as sage.
Scorzarera.—Cultivate in the same way as salsify.
Sorrel.—In drills 8 inches apart; cover lightly.
Spinach.—Large Flanders, fine, round-leafed, prickly lettuce-leaved. In drills 1 inch apart; sow 1 inch deep; sow frequently succession. The soil should be rich and deep.
Squash.—Early green, striped bush, early golden scollop bush; early white scolloped bush, summer crook neck, Scotch bonnet; win­ter crook neck, Boston marrow, Manmoth Chili (200 specimens), Hubbard, vegetable marrow; bunch squash or cymlings, Valparaisa. Cultivate in hills or drills as melons. The bunch or bush varieties ; 4 or 6 feet apart, and the other or running varieties 6 to 8 feet apart.
Sweet Marjoram.—Cultivate as sage. Thyme in the same
Tobacco.—Hanover, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Ohio. The The soil for this "Virginia weed" should be of the best quality to raise fine tobacco. To raise coarse and large plants the soil should be strong, rich and highly manured. Plant in hills or drills ; the